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  • Hi Itr,
    your twitching, weakness, atrophy, sound like my story.I have not been here a while, being in limbo hell, but I wonder if I have a myopathy/myositis, cause I've had supposidly normal emg/ncv and crp, but high c-reactive protein & positive lip biopsy inflammation for sjogrens.There is mixed info about myopathy not having muscle twitching ,neuros deny it, but it sounds logical to me that inflammation would cause twitching, just like vitamin & mineral deficiencies supposidly do.I've spoken w/ few patients on other boards w/ polymyositis, myopathy, inclusion myositis by muscle biopsy, along with other autoimmune patients, that said they experienced muscle twitching to some degree, & also had atrophy and weakness along with the twitching.Many improved on immunomodulation drugs.
    I see you haven't been here a while, hope you get this message & I'd like to know how you're doing & if immune moduators have helped you?Have drs come to a certain diagnosis for your condition?
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