1. KimT

    Exercise and Physical Therapy experience

    I decided to write a couple of things I've experienced since my diagnosis with the hope that it might help someone else avoid doing what I did. First, I'm LMN dominant and progressing very slowly. In 2018 I was still walking a mile a day but couldn't get my heart rate in the zone (I was...
  2. C

    Muscle fatigue/weakness, fasciculations

    I want to share my story. I have seen many doctors in many specialties (including many neurologists), and nobody can help me. I'd like to ask (1) if this sounds like ALS, (2) if this sounds like another motor neuron disease of any kind, or (3) what else it could be and where else I might look...
  3. Lkaibel

    The Next Part of the Journey

    So, here I am exactly one week out from my husband's death. It was really only after he actually passed that I have started to realize the absolute hellfire we went through together. There was beauty, love, and moments of joy for sure. I am very sure I never felt closer to or loved another...
  4. D

    Exercise Program Suggestions

    I had a few stretching exercises I was doing and can no longer do since I cannot sit in a chair any longer, or do the standing exercises for fear of falling. What do I now? Would a therapist help? ROM exercises?
  5. P

    Waiting and worrying

    I'll try to keep this as succinct as possible. I have been experiencing a variety of symptoms for several months. Symptoms have included; shortness of breath, fatigue, tripping/falling and most recently atrophy and weakness in my left leg. I have been evaluated by a pulmonologist...
  6. T

    What do these symptoms sound like?

    Hello all, I am sorry to bother you with this, and I promise I did read the sticky. However, I am frightened as hell, and could use some guidance. I am a 29-year-old Caucasian male with no family history of neurological diseases. At some point in December 2018, I started to notice...
  7. M

    Twitching for about two weeks - concerned

    Hi all -- Sorry to add another "twitching" thread to a forum full of them, but I suppose everyone's experiences are different and hopefully everyone deserves a chance to be heard. Here's mine: For about two weeks, I've had a twitch in one spot in the middle of my forehead. Same exact spot...
  8. N

    Haven't been here since 2011 and now I am scared. Triggered again.

    So I am back after a brief hospital stay which caused whatever I have to flair up again. It all began in 2011 *******-------Feb 4-5th 2019-----------********* So went back to same neuro with exasperated symptoms after a brief stay in the hospital for severe constipation. After the hospital...
  9. R

    Advice on symptoms - "weak" leg & twitching

    Hi All, Like many others on here, I have tried to avoid posting for as long as possible but would really appreciate your views on my symptoms based on your experiences. From what I have read, this site is a tremendous support and your are all very generous with your time. My summarized story...
  10. S

    Went to Neurologist Yesterday

    Hi Everyone: I am a 33 yo female. I am scared I might have ALS. My right toe started twitching after initially developing exercise intolerance and cold feet. My knees felt tight from behind and I was having a muscle spasm in my right knee/thigh. I still get that spasm upon too much...