Rules About Posting (Must Read)

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Apr 24, 2003
Please take a moment to read the following posting rules.

This support forum is here as a place for individuals affected by ALS to share their stories, ask questions, get answers and provide comfort for one another.

Please ensure that you've read and understand our <a href="/rules-terms.php">rules, terms, and conditions</a>. Please abide by our rules and post appropriately.

The rules thus far:<ol type='1'><li>No foul language or abusive behaviour (please respect all members)<li>No advertising drug related websites, online pharmacies, or any other profit motivated material<li>No miracle cure information
<li>New rules may be added :)<li>No posting full articles from other sources, please summarize the article instead<li>Please keep your posts on topic in relation to the forum thread<li>Posts and threads are periodically deleted for a variety of reasons. Please read our "<a href=/forum/showthread.php?t=1321>Where did my post go</a>" section.</ol>We will not tolerate website owners that post their wares or links to their websites on this forum.

If you have any additional rules that you feel should be added please leave a note and we'll all discuss it and possibly have a vote

This form is carefully moderated and individuals that do not follow these rules will have their forum privledges revoked.
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How do I send a messge on this site

I have read most postings but do not know how to send a message. Please help
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I have a question: how do I find out if anyone has replied to my thread? I'm new also, and just posted under the new member thread to introduce myself. Thank you! :)
Hi there. When you first log in to the main page there are dots on the left side at each subject. On my computer if there are new replies to any threads in that topic the button is green. If you click on that heading it will take you to the thread page and any topics that have been replied to since you last read those posts will be highlighted. If you click on the thread and read them all the green light goes out. When you come back green may be lit to tell you there are more replies. Maybe not to your post but to others in that group. Hope that helps. Al.
I have read most postings but do not know how to send a message. Please help

I am also a new member and have responded to one post but do not know how to create a new one. Thanks for you help. Bev
Hi Bev,

In the top left hand corner of the forum you are in, there is a green button that says "new thread". If you click there you will get the window that allows you to post a new thread. If the green button in the top left corner says "post reply" (instead of "new thread") that means you are inside a thread. You have to exit the thread and be on the forum screen that lists all the threads in order to be able to create a new thread. For example, since you are reading this response you are inside the Rules About Posting thread. If you look toward the top of your screen right now, you will see this:

ALS/MND Support Group Forums>Website Feedback and New Members>Welcome New Members-Say Hello>Rules About Posting (Must Read)

If you click directly on the words saying Welcome New Members-Say Hello, you will be taken back to the Welcome New Members forum listing all recent threads inside that forum, and the green button at the top left should now say "new thread".

If you want to post your thread in a different forum, at the top of your screen click on ALS/MND Support Group Forums and you will see all the different forums that you can choose to post on.

Hope this helps.
Thanks Lydia that was helpful.
Clear as mud. I am dense. I will never be able to start a new thread or know where to post. I haven't even filled out information on myself or understand what things are possible to be doing..... but I am getting benefits from trying. I can't follow your instructions, Al, but that's because of my brain, not your words! I have read and reread the above posts, and can't get it.... like what is TUBE written in red, in the box right here above? I'll never know.
I don't see TUBE anywhere. Can you be more specific?

When you click on "post reply" the box opens to post. The icons above the box allow you to insert links or modify text, etc...

The red TUBE icon refers to YouTube, which is a video site that people upload their videos to.

If you let you mouse hover over the icons, the icons purpose should appear in a small box.

Hope that was clear?:shock: I could be totally wrong!
Click on Post Reply and you will see Tube in red... ....... Here. At the end of the line of other
icons. I'm doing alright, AL, I can muddle through as I have been. I just wanted to comfort anyone else who isn't computer savvy either.
now I know what you mean. I use the quick reply on the right all the time so never see the you tube icon. Thanks guys for smartening me up. lol.

hi, how can i send a message here? and pics?
If you click on the "go advanced" tab instead of quick reply, you'll see icons in the shaded blue area on the left side of the box. The paper clip lets you attach a photo or clipart from your computer.

Good luck,
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