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  • David
    I am worried things are happening in canada and I would like to know if special prayer chain needs to be started. I had only heard of your name really didn't know you actuall existed as a user Al has been missing richard isn't answering questions and I know you are working hard on the site and I could care less about us losing posts buttons edits et cetera just want to make sure everyone is healthy we also haven't hear from barry if you can help I know it would ease a lot of minds
    Thank you
    Yes, navigate to your "User CP" and get to your private messaging inbox... below the folder contents is a drop down that you can change to "sent items".
    Is there a way to retrieve private messages sent? I only see the panel but they're for sending etc. I may be missing something! Thank you.

    Why is the Come To Tea thread closed? Is it closed permanently? Just wondering. Aaaaaaaaaaaa!
    Hi David, I've been wondering if there'd be room on the site for a section for cals who've lost their pals. A support section I guess. Different from the in memory section. As well as being a support for the cals it would mean those who don't want to read it don't have to...a bit like the do I have or even the in memoriam section. You may not think its a good idea but I thought I'd ask since the idea has been with me a while and isn't going away.
    Hi David,

    How do I remove the facebook thingy from my postings don't know how I put it on but don't like it help please x
    Hi David,

    Haha, sweet of you to say best of luck.....when you know we're gonna bother you EVERY DAY to VOTE!

    Get ready! <3
    Hi David,

    I posted a thread about "Pepsi Refresh Project-- a voting thing-- Shall we go there?" Can you change it to: Pepsi Refresh Project-- Will we vote to get $$ for ALSGA?

    This thread isn't getting enough attention, but maybe a title change will help.

    Thank you so much,
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