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  • Its all good. I keep meaning to email you more too, I completely understand. Later.

    I'll email you soon. Take a look at my profile page, I added a bit of an update there, and will write you more soon.
    Oops sorry Lyme by a Lyme literate md and finally Parkinson's by a very experienced neurologist due to mild cogwheel rigidity on exam. pet scan normal. this workup has included one lesion on MRI, oligoclonal bands in Csf, normal Emg ( 1 yr ago), SPECT scan showing diffuse hypoperfusion.
    I have lost 18 pounds in 2 years all muscle. family history of Parkinson's in father and ALS in two maternal cousins. All blood work negative for auto immune or inflammatory disease. I am taking Mirapex and azilect but not sure they are doing much. I didn't have any response to sinemet, but could not tolerate increasing the dose due to nausea.
    I was wondering if you ever received a definitive diagnosis and/or how you are doing whether or not your symptoms stabilized or improved.

    I hope I am not being rude by asking you these questions. I don't want to post in the general forum because my story is so confusing.

    thank you for reading my message.

    Hello. I have been reading the forum for a long time. like so many others I came searching for answers for what ails me. My story sounds very similar to yours. I have been diagnosed with menopause by my internist, Bfs by a general neurologist, MS by a famous MS specialist, possible (sero-indeterminate)
    Definitely sharpies :) I got your email, will respond sooner or later. Just logged onto my real computer, had been on my iPhone all day today and yesterday, too much effort to type on it. If it only didn't like to finish words for me, and finish them WRONG! My phone's predictive text doesn't so that well with predicting.
    I don't know. I'm making an appointment today. I think the orthopedic doc will either take more x-rays, or order MRI to determine if surgery is needed. Even though you can't write on it, you can always give input as to color. Should I go for a bright color, or stick with something bland? (presuming I get a new cast)
    Sadly, I was getting ready to email you about Glen. I see you are online and have found out that he's passed. Its the announcement I've dreaded but expected for so long.

    I hope you're good. I do have some appointments, back at the main Hopkins facility. Will let you know after...
    Hey yourself :) I've been taking time away from the virtual world. Email me though. Will talk soon

    It did! and I'm sick

    will email you soon, Hope you enjoyed time away from university

    I'm back, (but exhausted of course) actually got first class coming back. NEVER happens for pass travel anymore, or at least almost never. Will be in touch :)
    Catch up when you surface :) Yes, I agree the dog type needs to be scruffy, Normally Ernie just gets butt shaved around his pooper, ear hair (on ears) scissored a a little,and supposedly plucked inside—still irritated it didn't happen last time. Last week I decided to give him a bath at home. I got his shampoo out, put on my swim suit (do it in the shower cause I can't put him in the sink) looked all around for him—no where to be found. He had tiptoed up to my son's room to escape! How funny is that? I don't know what tipped him off. Scott and I laughed so hard.
    Poor Gus! (and poor you) Do you have the groomers pluck the hair out of his ears?—that is if you take him to be groomed—it helps them dry out after they have been in water easier. Ernie has a LOT of hair in his ears. Last time I took him, the girl didn't do it either, kind of irritating as that was the main reason he went. There was no way after he saw me when I came to pick him up that I could send him back in lol. I think he has allergies, not to food. Every morning when he wakes up he "ERRRRs" wallowing around on the rug rubbing his nose, sneezing and snorting. Phoenix the cat has seasonal allergies.

    I hope your diningroom is looking spectacular, I will write you and also get a picture posted of chair, or email it soon.
    Ha ha ha :) Its totally fine. I just now came online anyway. Yes, it was great, not a big humongous occasion (of course) but nice. A friend sent me a card who has a dog on the front that looks just like Gus.
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