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    Multiple symptoms for months

    Well for starters I found this website in a state of my panic and have read others threads about similar symptoms in a search for reassurance. I have been very apprehensive about posting here because I know a lot of people are probably just overexcited or scared and have convinced themselves...
  2. B

    over 6 months of symptoms no answer

    First i would like to thank everyone in this forum for providing there experiance and knowledge, and i hope for a cure soon. would also like to state that i have never had HA and my symptoms did not start with twitching. I won't make this a novel so here goes. Sept. Mild fatigue and felt i...
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    The cure? 😛
  4. M

    Thank you

    Hi , I wanted to say thank you. You guys provide such more accurate answers than google and are so kind along with it. Thank you Shiftkicker for helping me about a month ago. I am 20, I still twitch about 24/7 all over. It's been about 4 months of consistent bodywide twitching. I have...
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    ALS fear with thenar atrophy, twitching, cramp tendency

    Hi there Great respect to your forum and the great people that are fighting the disease, friends and care givers! ALS is a shocking tragedy for humanity in 2019, 150 years after its discovery still no cure. About myself I'm Asian, live in Calgary, Canada. I'm 33, a father of 2 lovely kids at...
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    Do I have ALS

    Hello, people!!! I'm so sorry for bothering you all and taking your precious time.. One day(it's became my dream lately..) I want to discover a cure for this awful, terrible disease... I'm a tall(1.85 m), white, 14 year old boy living in Europe. Recently I've noticed muscle twitches mainly in...
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    To anyone my age worrying, I want to re-assure trust these experts and stop worrying

    To anyone my age worrying, I want to re-assure you trust these experts and stop worrying. If you look through my posts, I was in a absolute panic about ALS. I now know I 100% do not have ALS. I am embrassed I was in such a panic mode about this, and troubled the brave caring souls here. To...
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    My name is Amanda and I am 38. I have had some issues going on and would like your feedback. 1st, I noticed weakness a couple years ago. I went to get milk out of the fridge and noticed a weakness in 1 arm. I had also noticed twitching and started having panic attacks shortly after, which I...
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    Any magical Safe Cures out there ?

    Hi and low I have searched on all thees forums and more looking for some magical safe staller or Cure, I have a huge list of supplements mostly herbals I have tried in many combinations but alas not as yet, I will list all my tries. I have had Nettle in my head for years and Teasel I knew not...
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    Why Does Support This Treatment?

    Find it odd this keeps popping up on this forum. Does this website and forum support this treatment? Has it been proven to cure or stop ALS?