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  • Marjorie,

    How nice to hear from you :) I'm glad that Rick continues to progress slowly (as have I) How is your daughter?

    Yes, the forum has changed a lot. One thing I hate is that not only is Al gone (somehow I felt he was indestructible) but, that there will be those that never "knew" him at all!

    Please keep in touch and let me know how you guys are doing.


    Thanks for checking in. I'm sorry that Rick is having more problems with breathing, but, there probably isn't any reason to expect that things will speed up for him, so that's a good thing.

    I am sorry that there have been things said that hurt you concerning your daughter. I did not know this had happened, and hope she is doing okay. You have much on your plate right now, that is for sure.

    Please stop in and say "hi" every so often. xo
    Thinking of you and Rick. I hope you all are getting ready for a nice family Christmas season.

    (Hi, good to see you )

    Go to the forum you want to start a new thread on, and look at the top left.. There is a blue button under "user CP" Click on that, and you can start the thread. I hope you and Rick are doing well. :)
    Dear Marjorie, I just wanted to thank you for the what you posted on my daughters thread. My daughter is Elizabeth with the 5 children. She does a wonderful job of taking care of her husband, but it gets to be too too much for her. I do not know what she would do if she didn't know that there is a hereafter and that she will be with her husband again and that families are forever. Thank you again , your post was so thoughtful and kind. Love to you and your husband. Barbara
    Marjorie- congratulations on your 1st thread! You did it, LOL! very informative too!
    Hi, Marjorie- haven't seen you for awhile. How's Rick? Hope all is as well as it can be. Take care. Marianne
    It is like a pacemaker for the heart, only for the diaphragm. Christopher Reeves(Superman) had one, and was able to go off his vent when he turned it on. It has just recently been approved for ALS patients. For PALS, it doesnt replace a trach, just postpones having to get one. FVC needs to be above 60% I believe. Google diaphragm pacer ALS, and read about it. I am not an expert yet(lol) because there is not a lot of info out there, but where a BiPap rest the diaphragm, this keeps it going. HUGS Lori
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! We are hanging in there. When you go to pulmo, ask about Diaphragm Pacer. A few VA Hospitals are doing it. We are going to go to San Fran VA for a consult. HUGS Lori
    Just wanted to tell you Good Morning and let you know that you and yours are in my thoughts. How are you and yours? hugs, Kay Marie
    Do you reside anywhere in the vicinity of Ithaca? My baby sister lives there and it looks just beautiful! I spent a summer in upstate New York [outside of Albany] as the Head Nurse at Camp Schodeck. I love New York-the state that is, haven't been to the city-YET!
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