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  • Melody, just yesterday I was wondering how you and Bucky are doing. Yes, slower is good, but we know it has its own problems, Melody. I personally think I'd rather have ALS and go home to the Lord when He okays it. I've slowed down a lot and post much less now. I have not stopped praying for both of you--the Lord bless and keep you.
    Love, Ann xoxo
    Thank you, dear Melody. I'm really glad to see you around more. Wish Bucky was healthy, though. You are both in my prayers. It is tough and each appointment hard... unless it's diagnosed, which eventually--for us--makes the appointments a lot easier. Love you!
    my family is from the boston area,my uncle louis was a popular jazz musician frm the northeast for many years!! i have PLS ,but it still stinks!!!
    Melody, it's always good to see you, and you do some of the "heavy lifting". You and Bucky are also in my prayers, and I so appreciate yours.

    Well, thank you Melody. I'm glad you found the Rejoice! page. I find my weekly 'write' is such a great way to deal with life; and I just love the community of people here to share it with.
    Melody, I am sorry that Bucky is having more problems. Not having a definite diagnosis always seems so hard, but I know that PMA is better, and not having UMN symptoms is very good--which isn't saying that it is easy. Thank you for your prayers. I do have peace... and no question about why. Love, Ann
    Melody, yes and I'm just so sad today. First Jay, now Web and one of my inspirations, Tony Proudfoot too. I think we should wait for Kay Marie to announce it herself but everyone should know. How are you and Bucky doing? How are your kids?
    Happy New Year, Melody. I've missed seeing your posts around here. I hope you and your husband are doing well, and this has been a good holiday for all of your family. You're in my prayers.
    Hi Melody how is Mr. Bucky doing? Did you guys ever get any help from the military specialists? Been thinking about you guys lately. Hope you and your family are doing well. Sending love to you guys.
    Hi Melody, thanks for thinking of me. I am doing ok, home care worker started today to help me get up and dressed and it was great. I have a clinic visit on Wednesday so we'll see what the doctors say but I know that my breathing and mobility is going down. Oh well, c'est la vie. How are you and Bucky doing? How are your beautiful daughters and handsome son doing?
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