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  • Bev,
    I am VERY sorry I missed your party. I'm going in a million directions and when I checked the date... it had already passed. I WILL see you in Palm Springs!
    HI Beverly. I am your neighbor, live in Palo Alto. My mother was diagnosed with probable motor neuron disease, bulbar form this spring. She had one appointment at Norris ALS center in June to see Dr. Katz, where they offered her to meet the extended team, but I was not emotionally ready to talk about it then. I am still in denial to some extent. I am trying to connect with relatives and caretakers of ALS patients in Bay Area to share advice about local resources, local ALS chapter, additional tests, whether it is worth visiting Lyme doctor, etc. Would be willing to talk?
    I've been thinking about you guys all the time. You have no idea how many people you've helped. I'll never forget your kindness... and your husband's.
    bev..i moved to ewansea 37yrs ago..the people are friendly..the most famous from swansea was dylan thomas the poet....the city is old with coalminers cottages everywhere...a coastal town with many fine beaches..were i am fortunate to live..............your dad would have been called a swansea jack...dont ask me why..............loves johnnytaff//////
    Hello, Beverly! My name is May! You replied to a thread of a fellow classmate of mine, Sarah, who was requesting information on ALS. We both go to San Jose State and are in the Occupational Therapy program. I chose the same diagnosis because I know nothing about the disease. I was wondering if it would be ok to interview your husband via email. Our other option is to "email interview" someone who is in direct contact with someone diagnosed with ALS (like a spouse or family member). I would greatly appreciate any help from either of you.

    Thank you so much!

    May O.
    Aloha "Beverly - just wanted to say hello and let you know that I lived in Quincy for many years - I am a graduate from Quincy High School - moved to Hawaii in 1976.

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