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Jan 14, 2007
i first haveing twitrhes in my arm and leg almost 2 months ago emg normal ncv test question is this now i have a hard time swallowing my own saliva and softdrinks leave a lot of fleme in my throat in which i have to clear constantly anyway i have fasciculations under my right eye about 3 yo 4 times a day is this a sign of bublar als and if it is, is there a test for it thanks for all that can help me and sorry for all the questions.
Hi zac. The tests for bulbar ALS are the same as for limb onset. EMG and NCV. They are not fun when they stick the needles in your tongue and cheeks. I wouldn't wish that test on anyone.
thanks al,im not looking forward to it but im thinking its comeing ill see a throat doctor tommorrow and see what he thinks.all this in less than 2 months is light a nightmare.
I hope i will survive my emg.I have bulbar and limb onset, but my tongue and face muscles are very weak so i have to do that anyway.Thanks Al for info.
hey everyonei have yet another question is there any other disease that would cause you to have diffucult swallowing with your own saliva and widespread twithing that is on and off and muscle pain when you excercise besides als like neruophaty are anything like it.mabey im just grasping at straws here but im hopeing i havent been able to find anything so far.
Hi Zac. If I understand it correctly your EMG and NCV tests were done 2 months ago? What did the neurologist say about the abnormal NCV? What was the outcome? Did he have any idea of what it could be that you have? Did he give you any clues?

they were ddone 2 weeks ago but the symtoms started 2 months ago.he4 just said my nvc shoed slowed conduction and it was persitant with neruophaty but i didnt have the symtoms of it.he didnt tell me what nerves were messed up and when i told him about the swalloing he told me it was to early for a muscle biopsy and that i didnt have als awnd to come back in 2 months.from what ive read about als i dont think he could be sure just yet.
Hi zac.

I looked up NCV on the internet and found this site. You probably have done the same too but I couldn't see any of the symptoms listed to include swallowing problems.

Your doctor is not sure and is waiting to see the progression so as to make up his mind which neuropathy to attribute in your case. Two months is a long time when you are worried about your health. Others here might be able to tell you how they have coped with a waiting period.

Strengthen the immune system, have a healthy diet and include exercise daily if possible is what I would do initially.

thanks for the info i had not seen that one yet.the doctor did say if i had numbness and tingling he would swear it was ms and the other thing he said was that it was to early for a muscle biopsy i guss its just a test that he has to mom does have ms but she never had twithing muscles with it.
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