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  • Thanks Zac, for the offer to help...I will email you soon with stuff to do, ok?
    Just checking in with you zac....How are you doing? ( I really want to know!)

    Also I am reaching out to people who have wanted to help us in other ways.
    Do you have a couple of hours a week you can volunteer with us?
    We have so much to do and few people to do it.
    But I understand if it is too much. We all have full plates these days.
    Love and ((hugs))

    You can email me at: [email protected] (middle initial is L)
    WELCOME to the Forum zac....thank you for signing our petition. Did you ever get ahold of Ed to find out ways in which you could help? Let me know as I am on the ALS-treat Us Now steering committee...
    again welcome!
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