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Aug 10, 2005

I need some feedback and words to help us through this ruff time... My dad had a car accident a few weeks ago and well we are very thankful that he came out of it with a broken patella in which they had to perform surgery on. Well they did the surgery and things were good he was in rehab and walking 70 feet with the walker and going up and down 8 steps. They bam we have hit a roadblock.... Well early on about two weeks ago after the surgery dad had felt a pop in his knee and they though it was possible it re-ruptured and then there was a delay in sending him to rehab due to the fact that they found a case of AFIB going on with his heartbeat. They got all of that under control and had him strart re-hab wanting to re-visit the knee re-rupture in a week or. Well this past Thrursday evening he came down with a fever and we found out he has a staff infection Mrca.... He had surgery again last night to clean out the knee where the infection started and while they were in there they did see that the tenden re-ruptured and they fixed it again... They are saying that the contractions in his leg cold be what is causing the knee to bend to much before it should.... They are rellay balmeing everything on the ALS/PLS in which has been the same in dad for 8 years diagnosed for 4 years the same... Even the doctor is saying probable PLS.... In any event I am so scared about this infection and him recoverying. After the surgery the temp went down, but he is scared to put any weight on it and they say this could cause pnemona... Dad does not have any breathing problmes at all and seems to very strong still... Please tell me if you know anything about the infection, the knee surgery.... I am so scared and just want my dad to be ok....



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May 11, 2008
Los Angeles
Jen, I'm so sorry your dad had this accident and all the complications. I know you are worried sick. I don't know anything about medicine, but I think the fact that his temp has returned to normal is a very good sign that they have cleaned up the infection.

It's good your dad is still strong and has no breathing issues. If he takes it easy and lets the healing process take over, I bet he'll be OK.

Sending prayers and good thoughts your way,
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