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Aug 9, 2018
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First of all thank you for all who will read my story. I would really appreciate to any comments and experiences or advises from you.

I am 26 years old female. Recently i have found similar condition - ALS that could explain my illness. I know it would be a rare case of this disease considering my age and gender, but lately about six months i have been experiencing these weird symptoms and it's slowly worsening:

I feel very tired after minor activities like my legs "ran a marathon"
I can hardly walk because of poor coordination and stumbling at times
My left face side is tingling
My left cheek is twiching and i feel it tightened, sometimes it's hard to laugh or chew because of it
My left arm is weak and muscles of it are aching
My left leg is aching when i walk
And my right back side is tingling
My right big toe sometimes aches
My knees and lower back hurt because of weakened muscles of my legs
I am experiencing shakiness inside like i would have low sugar or something
And some kind of itchiness and burning sensation all over the body
I lost some weight and i feel like my muscles are lighter

I haven't experienced swallowing and speech difficulties yet, but i have done any possible tests in my country of various diseases to rule out my condition - from Lyme disease, MS to cancer or autoimmune disorders. I have seen endocrinologist, rheumatologist, hematologist and also neurologist. He advises me to wait for possible progression and can't say anything precise now. He said that everything is normal at examination.

I have questions for you, could it be the first signs of ALS? And does it muscle weakness or twitching for ALS patients is constant or does it gets better after the long rest? Could it start from cheek twitching or left face side weakness? And how long is six months to progres for this disease?

Looking forward to any answers. I am really grateful for your precious time.
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