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Oct 9, 2007
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Thanks for reading this... I am just so beside myself, and it seems you all understand.

I was wondering if anyone had any info on the onset of ALS due to an electrical shock.
My dad was electricuted at work in 2000, and ever since he has had symptoms that mimic ALS.

They have progressed rapidly over the past 2 years. He is now almost completly immobile except for his head, and speach.

The doctors told him it was ALS but now they just tell us that it is "Degenerative Muscle Atrophy" which is just describing his symptoms i think.

he thinks his symptoms are from his shock. It wasnt bad enough to cause any damage on the outside of his body. But he thinks that it had a great effect on his nerves to mimic this disease.

He has tried everything including going to Mexico for Stem cell injections, and Hyberberic Chambers to get rid of the "toxins" they said he had.

The doctors are not very helpful. I thought I would see if any of you had any ideas or where else to turn.

Thanks again
Hi woohoo. Interesting name. Sorry about your dad. As you have probably found out there is no cure yet for ALS or most of the motor neuron diseases. Stem cells do not work yet and neither do any of the detoxifying systems or any of the other miracle cures you may find on the internet. From what you say there is not much in the way of encouragement that can be offered to reverse or slow your dad's progression. I'm assuming he's had more than one opinion besides the Mexican one? Has he been to an ALS Clinic? Sorry I couldn't be a bit more encouraging.

I would think that if ALS could be caused by getting zapped, there would be a whole boat load more of PALS! Especially men! LOL

Seriously, I was zapped in '86 and don't have ALS, but my husband does and he was never zapped. He has had other traumas so who knows.

I still believe that one may have a predisposition to ALS and a traumatic experience or traumatic "toxin" may trigger ALS. But, I think more than one ZAP would be needed.

I am very sorry your Dad has ALS. You are a wonderful daughter/son for trying to investigate.
more info

My dad was an electrician, and was zapped twice by a really high voltage machine. My personal opinion is that if it was that bad, there would have been outside signs on his body, he was sent home from the hospital relatively quickly. I am not sure what to think, i think the whole family just didnt want to admit that it was ALS I suppose.
I think that if he could think that it was just an injury instead of a disease, it was easier to handle and more of a chance of a recovery.

He has been to the Mayo Clinic, the ALS clinic, California and recieved stem cells, Mexico, even Italy to be blessed by the pope.

It is so hard to see him now. No one around me or in my life really understands what we are going through. I am so close with my dad and it is getting harder and harder to see what he is going through. I have never known anyone with this, so I am so scared for what he is going through.

I am scared and i am trying to figure out much how longer he will have to suffer. it is just the most cruel thing ever.

At least people seem to understand here. I just dont know what more to do.

Thanks for your responses.
THis is why we are here. Unfortunately, sometimes there is nothing else to offer but a shoulder to lean on. I am sorry it must be this way. Cindy
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