1. S

    EMG Help

    Hello All... 37M Aussie Pilot Here... I had an emg in March last year due to muscle twitching and was given the all clear. Last year they tested the following R Deltoid R Triceps R First D Inteross R Tib Anterior R Gastrocn (MED) R Vast Medialis L Tib Anterior L Rect Abdominis L Trapezius...
  2. T

    Ques. on Brainstorm (NurOwn Trial)

    Hello: I am a cALS for my husband. I have questions about the Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics (Trial of NurOwn for ALS): 1) What are the pros and cons of this trial? 2) It seems to have promising anecdotal info. -- why aren't more people doing it? 3) When will results be published? 4) When could...
  3. H

    Please help set my mind at ease.

    Last December I noticed that my lower arms, wrists and fingers felt a bit weaker. I seem a lot more clumsy with my hands, knocking things over often and dropping things a lot. I went to the doctors and she did a standard neuro test that was normal. Pushing on her hands, squeezing her fingers...
  4. U

    What is going on with me?

    Ok back in november 2015 I inhaled coolant at work and instantly got a pain on the back of my neck and felt like I was going to puke for like 12 hours. Few months later something happened with my brain causing my perception to change and my memory got impaired and my personality slightly...
  5. S

    Like new Permobil F3 Wheelchair

    Permobil F3 power wheelchair with all the bells and whistles including cell phone holder, elevate feature and anything else you can think of. It even has the trilogy holder for the back. Probably only has 1 or 2 miles on it. Asking $2500, hoping someone close to Tulsa, Oklahoma may need it...
  6. N

    Stem cell progress?

    hello, just curious if anyone is in a stem cell trial or know someone who is and how the progress is. Is it working? I know recently there were a lot of ALS centers in California that were accepting candidates for the trial and really haven't heard good or bad news about it. I had a friend who...
  7. C

    Ask the Experts about ALS & Stem Cell - Live Event July 31

    Here is the link for the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine Facebook live event at 12pm (PT) if anyone is interested. https://www.facebook.com/CaliforniaInstituteForRegenerativeMedicine/videos/10155956753152144/
  8. Bestfriends14

    The only person ever cured of ALS?

    I tried the search bar, but either it's my phone or the user, and I'm unable to actually search what I'm looking for. So, my question is on a topic I'm sure was brought up a few years ago. What are anyone's thoughts on Ted Harada, the person who was apparently cured of ALS in a clinical trial...
  9. Kristina1

    is anyone else impressed by...

    A funny spin on perceiving my disease-- Is anyone else impressed by how much they still *can* do when you look at your muscle atrophy? I look at my hands and they look so shocking to me from atrophy, as if they belong on someone whose been living in a concentration camp. Yet here is am...
  10. lgelb

    Stem cell trial in Israel

    Is now recruiting.