stem cell

  1. C

    A Complicated Case

    Good afternoon. My name is John Marburger. I am 42, a retired Naval Officer and cancer survivor with some oddities at that go along with it. Apologies in advance for the length of this post and MANY thanks in advance for those of you reading or responding to it, especially those fighting this...
  2. N

    Stem cell progress?

    hello, just curious if anyone is in a stem cell trial or know someone who is and how the progress is. Is it working? I know recently there were a lot of ALS centers in California that were accepting candidates for the trial and really haven't heard good or bad news about it. I had a friend who...
  3. C

    Ask the Experts about ALS & Stem Cell - Live Event July 31

    Here is the link for the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine Facebook live event at 12pm (PT) if anyone is interested.
  4. Bestfriends14

    The only person ever cured of ALS?

    I tried the search bar, but either it's my phone or the user, and I'm unable to actually search what I'm looking for. So, my question is on a topic I'm sure was brought up a few years ago. What are anyone's thoughts on Ted Harada, the person who was apparently cured of ALS in a clinical trial...
  5. lgelb

    Stem cell trial in Israel

    Is now recruiting.
  6. J

    Brainstorm considering Right to Try for NurOwn access

    Thought you guys might be interested to hear how the Brainstorm conference call went today. Seems like the CEO Chaim Lebovits really wants to make NurOwn available but the logistics are up in the air and nothing is confirmed...
  7. D

    Pls/stem cell

    I have PLS. Today is my first day on. I am looking for anyone who has had stem cell therapy and what the results were. I have been doing research on this for about six months and still can't find someone besides a knee injury that has had it done.
  8. Nikki J

    Stem cell “clinics”

    This is an illustration of the fallacy of nothing to lose by trying. We always advise people who ask not to go to stem cell for pay clinics. These people did not have MND but this story shows how tragic results can be from unproven “ treatments”. There are PALS who have lost various...
  9. M

    Stem cell transplants

    My Dad who is 60 an active and daily exercise this entire life was just diagnosed with ALS last week. We are totally devasted and feel completely overwhelmed at the task of trying to slow or better yet stop the progression of this disease. He has 4 children, a wife, 3 young grandchildren that...
  10. KarenNWendyn

    NurOwn stem cell phase 3 study

    I have looked into this study and had a fairly extensive discussion with the study coordinator at the San Francisco site. I am posting information about this study here in case anyone is interested. Enrollment is still open for this phase 3 study. The study is sponsored by Brainstorm Cell...