Wish me luck!

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Sep 17, 2006
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New England
Hello all. I was going to ask for some good luck tomorrow when I go back to the ALS clinic but I am not sure what exactly this "Luck" would entail. Do I want to be told once again that we must wait and see or am I ready to face the music? Oh dear...

Maybe I'll just wish all you PALS and CALS a good day instead! Best wishes to us all, Cindy
good luck

Good luck Cindym! I will keep you in my prayers. Let us know what happens ok! :-D
good luck cindy I will pray for you remember the power of pray pat:)
good luck cindy I will pray for you pat:)
for Cindy

Hi Cindy, You are in our thoughts, HOPE it's not ALS. Whatever it is we are here for you. My Best to you. Beebe
I hope you get a wonderful surprise at the clinic Cindy.
Good luck Cindy. Hope all goes well and some good news too.
Hope all goes well. AL.
Thanks everyone. Do you suppose the powers that be will cut me some slack if I claim that this is not a good time in my life to have a debilitating illness?:-D Well, I'm off to fight the morning traffic. I'll remember all your kind thoughts and prayers today.

Hope your day goes well also...Cindy
Good luck Cindy, hope its anything besides ALS.
Cindy -

I really hope that you get good news tomorrow. But just in case, at least you know we are all here for you.

Best wishes,

Liz :)
Well I don't have a DX so I guess that is good news! We are going to repeat the EMG's and I am going to the sleep lab next month. I trip about 2-3 times a week but the Doc says I can walk on my heels so he's not worried yet. I am starting to think maybe I will be OK. Still can't climb stairs most of the time and my tongue and lips feel like they're buzzing, but these are things a person can live with. Oh, they put me on trileptal for the fasciculations but I never worried much about those symptoms. I think the lost muscles are more worrisome but he says that could be ulnar nerves in both arms. Humm.

Back to the waiting game, I guess.

Thank you all for your support. Looks like I'll be sticking around awhile. And doing all I can while I can.
Well as some say. No news is good news. I guess. Glad they didn't tell you anything bad. Keep the faith. AL.
Hi Cindy

Hi Cindy, Did you read up on Trileptal? I check up on all meds. Wonder why DRs. prescribe what they do. It is used for BiPolar and Seizures (Epilepsy) . Because it targets frontal lobe could cause you to be confused, uncoordinated, memory and thinking problems etc.. .. Just felt I had to mention this, worry about our Pals. My Best to you, Beebe
Hi Cindy no news is good news. I was thinking of you & sending good vibes EM
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