1. Tomswife

    Nap. CALS learn to nap

    I read once that a full night of uninterrupted sleep is a modern concept. In days gone by you rose during the night to check the house, people, animals, etc. I would assume walking around in the cold with a candle stick would wake anyone. CALS learn early on to take naps whenever and...
  2. Tomswife

    The homecare dilemma...only CALS can give meds

    PALS needs meds, as needed. There is a schedule for some. But others are... as needed. The meds are administered via Peg or go under the tongue. The aides cannot do this. I have been getting about 4 hours sleep for weeks. I am trying to find private pay nurse to work overnight. But...
  3. Tomswife

    CALS need sleep

  4. Tomswife

    PALS or CALS

    Is there a way to know if a member is a PALS or CALS. If I click on their name I see their stats but that's it. Thanks.
  5. KimT

    Helpful things for PALS/CALS

    Nikki started a thread several years ago and we added more suggestions of things that have helped. We had originally posted it in the PALS section, but I thought it might get more attention in the general section...
  6. R

    Past CALS Rollcall

    I find that I sometimes I want to give a quick update but it doesn't seem worth starting a new thread. And I miss hearing updates from the past CALS that were so helpful to me over the last several years. So I figured I'd start a "rollcall" thread for us past caregivers. It has been over 7...
  7. Tomswife

    CALS not ready for my close up

    I wore my small hoop earrings for a week. Then one night I took them off and put them on the bed side table. I went to move them over to the dish on the dresser where I keep my casual jewelry. I noticed....they don't match. Not even close. Are you also finding you are not ready for a close...
  8. M

    New CALS - totally broken-hearted

    Hi everyone. Just starting a thread here since my beloved partner aged just 55 was diagnosed on Thursday the 12th of January. I had a previous thread on the "could this be ALS forum" here: Beginning diagnostic journey, pretty sure it is ALS, crippled with sadness and fear, general advice please...
  9. J

    Multiple symptoms for months

    Well for starters I found this website in a state of my panic and have read others threads about similar symptoms in a search for reassurance. I have been very apprehensive about posting here because I know a lot of people are probably just overexcited or scared and have convinced themselves...
  10. S

    CALS Trip 2019

    I am bringing up the idea of a CALS, past CALS trip again. I really want to make this happen... When I brought it up before, my loss was so new that I just couldn't get it together. If any of you would like get together for a few days or has an idea of a really good place for a CALS trip...