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  • John,

    When did you get married? CONGRATULATIONS :)

    I'm good, just so busy, summertime is a time where I just don't want to be inside if possible, I'm creating an album to show what I've been up to, so check back onto my profile page later if you want to see. So good to hear from you, ♥♥♥

    How was it the diagnosis was changed. can you tell me a little about your course of disease and progression of symptoms? Did you ever notice atrophy, and if so where?
    John1 - Not sure I'm posting this in the right place for a private message. I'm curious--what was the basis for changing your diagnosis from ALS to PLS? It's a wonderful change!

    Old Dog (Kay)
    Hi, John! I just learned of your marriage and wanted to congratulate both of you...she has a good man! I'm very happy for both, and sending big smiles.
    Hi John, I've been "eaves-reading" on you conversation with Ann and want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a very nice trip to Arizona. I hope you have good weather for the trip and warm weather when you get there. The Morgans are headed back to Ajo again this winter and I hope they have good weather this year. Take care buddy and no moose mashing!
    I had wondered about work and your trip south for the winter! They really do treat you well, John. I hope the ferry trip is very calm. We went to Nova Scotia in the '80s and had a horrific day with storms for the ferry ride... which, as I think of it now, makes it pretty amazing we later took up sailing. We came home from Nova Scotia by land through New Brunswick. Beautiful...
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