Tripping and Falling with Speed

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Mar 15, 2007
Does anyone else trip and fall when trying to move a little faster. I can kind of limp, waddle if that describes anything that sounds familiar. Sometimes I'll get behind and slowly hold on and push my 'Chairiot' to at least to move my legs that just aren't cooperating. Have caught my foot and fallen a few times. It's like, the light is on and nobody is home with my legs. That's why I chose the 'light bulb icon' for myself. Frizzel*
I think you'll find that most of us that have fallen have some form of drop foot and if you don't think about each step, you will eventually go down. That's how it happened to me. Either rushing or just not enough attention. By limp, waddle I presume that is what we call the penguin walk. Watch March of the Penguins if you're not sure what I mean.
Marching on!

Yup, my family calls my walk the 'March of the Penguin' . Momma's goin back to the sea.
Thanks for the confirmation Al.

PLEASE be careful! When I was still shuffling, I fell on a concrete floor and suffered permanent brain damage. Luckily I only lost my sense of smell. Use your walkers or wheelchairs. :?:

Never thought of that.

I never thought of falling and hitting my head. Makes sence. Thank you for the tip when I'm outside. Most of the time I use my chair and still I never thought of brain damage from falling.
The first time I fell I got nothing but sore ribs. Ouch! And I swear folks told more funny sotries during those two weeks. But at least ribs heal. I'd miss my sense of smell, Mike, if I lost it. Cindy
Hey guys,

I guess what you are calling "penguin walk" describe exactly my way of walking sometimes and that's what I call The Robot Walk. As for falling, it is very easy for me to fall these days, even when a 3 years old child push me by accident, sometimes I end up holding my friends avoiding to fall, but as long as my progression is slow, I am learning day after day to control my moves, shifting right and left regaining my balance and choosing carefully my shoes.


I gave away all my fun and funky shoes to friends and family. I now wear these super light tennis shoes with orthotics and a heel lift on my left foot. Good light shoes are a must! I can hardly walk without them.

I AM still able to 'Penguin Walk' but VERY slowly. I do have to be very careful as well AND I am able to still stand and take a few steps which I am grateful for. I can Penguin walk for about 3 minutes before my legs are done. So the right shoes Omar? You're on track! Have a great week robot step at a time....All the best! Frizzel
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