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Apr 8, 2023
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Hello all

I am a 24 yo guy and currently very worried bacause of some recent changes in my body. For some background I have been worried about my health earlier too and even recently from last autumn I have been worried about my heart due to irregular pulse, chest pain etc which has added a lot off stress to my body.

To my symtoms: It started last december with when I noticed that my left foot would shake when I drow my friends car when I let go of the clutch (I dont own a car myself and had not been driving for a while). A long with this I also a few times noticed that my legs would shake when I walked down stairs (usually when I was a bit stressed).

Fast forward to Februari: Were I live, ALS have been a hot topics in news etc over the last months and so I have naturally been reading about it a lot the last months. However it was about 8-10 weeks ago when I REALLY started to worry about having it myself. It started of with twitches/fasciluations, I have experienced them before too but from out of nowhere it was like my body exploded with them and I started having them mainly in my legs but also in other places like my arms, shoulders, chin, eyelids and even my back. This made me very worried and I really mean very worried. I started taking magnesium about 6 weeks which for a little while calmed down the fasciluations but they came back quick as well.

The thing that worries me the most now though is that Ive noticed other changes. About 6 weeks ago my legs started to feel weak, once again I would sometimes shake walking down stairs, feeling clumpy when I was walking/running/playing soccer. This made my anxiety even worse. For the last 2 weeks I have mainly been worried about my right leg, since it just feels off. No real weakness but I feel like the coordination is off along with fasciluations (I still have fasciluations in my left leg too but mainly in my right). I feel like I limp a bit on my right leg but this is nothing that anyone else has said anything about. I have been worried about this 24/7 last weeks and therefor I think about it all the time when im walking, noticing every step that feels weird etc. I have also been shaky in my hands a lot during these weeks in combinations with shakiness in my legs+ a lot of fasciluations.

I should also add that I am still able to play soccer (even if I feel like my coordination/balance is off in my legs), workout in the gym with no significant strength loss and just yeastersday I was able to run 5 km in about 23 minutes without tripping. I have not lost any specificic ability to do something like walk on my toes/heels, stand on one leg etc and I have not fallen/triped. However, I am still worried before and during my workouts/soccer games since im unsure if my body/legs will work proparly.

I also have problem with my speech which worries me and is really disturbing. I often get stuck in a specific word/sentence as if my mouth is not able to say the whole word and I also feel like i slurr a lot. This makes me nervous when im talking to people so now I always try to focus as much as I can to say the right thing in conversations. However, nobody has told me anything about slurred speech or that I talk different from before but I feel like it is just a matter of time before someone will notice this.

Last thing I noted about 2 days ago is some sort of clump feeling in my throat which feels very concerning. I have it when I am talking to people, excercise but even at the rest, I have this clump feeling that is really disturbing. I dont have problems eating or swallowing though (yet).

To summarize this: I am really worried right now that all of these sympthoms is indications off early ALS. I have not been to a doctor yet but if this doesnt go away I realize I probably will have to. I am just wondering what you guys think, what is the probabilities of this being ALS? Can it just be my own anxiety that has given me these problems? Can it be any other disease? Should I go to a doctor about this? I have anxiety about going to a doctor for this too since I will have to tell my relatives about my concerns (This is the reason I havent been to a doctor yet)

Last thing I should add is that I have also lost around 3 kg in weight the last 8 weeks

Sorry about my bad english (I am from a non-speaking english country) but I am still hoping you can try to help me.


Mar 16, 2015

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You report a lot of things not associated with ALS. Yes, the things you report can be attributed to anxiety or a whole variety of other conditions. You will not know til you see a doctor for an examination. However, ALS is not something you should be worried about.

Take care
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