Foot drop and twitching EVERYWHERE

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Sep 6, 2022
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Do you think I have ALS? I'm a 23-year-old male who developed foot drop to the point where I couldn't dorsiflex it between July 4th and July 10th. For context, I sit in an office chair for 15 hours a day and realized that the way the chair pressed up behind my knees was causing it to really hurt and my forearm was constantly being pressed up against the edge of the desk, so I made some ergonomic changes and in a couple of weeks my foot drop is now almost completely gone However, my typing fingers are stiff and i thought I had carpal tunnel or RSI from playing a video game and working on a computer nonstop but I have muscle twitching almost everywhere, including my thigh, calf, bicep, and I've even twitched in my abdominal area a couple of times, as well as my face. I’ve noticed a trend though, whenever I lay down or sit down I start twitching and I feel a burning sensation in my bicep when I bend my arms and use my fingers too much, I can go outside and walk around and there will be no twitching whatsoever for the most part and as soon as I go home and lay down or sit down in my office chair it’s nothing but constant twitching and it’s really scaring me now, I’ve developed severe health anxiety and it’s to the point where I’m convinced I have ALS and I’ve been praying every night asking god to help me here even mentally if not psychically to get through this, I've read about neuropathy and how it can be caused by nerve entrapment or injury, which is what I'm leaning towards for the cause of foot drop but I discovered that ALS exists after looking into my foot drop during the peak.

And regarding muscle weakness my arms are definitely getting tired pretty quick when I bend them and use my phone and my legs feel a bit tired when I first wake up and start to walk around but eventually my leg weakness kind of goes away and I’m not sure if it’s just perceived weakness or real weakness, when I first had foot drop i was falling over everything and constantly rolling my ankles and my foot genuinely felt lifeless and it was completely impossible for me to move it up and now I can move it up almost as far as the foot not affected. I made ergonomic changes around the office started using the standing desk more and taking magnesium daily for the last 5 days but I’ve been twitching all morning and night and it’s scaring me..
Also when i went to the emergency room my wbc was higher than average but my friends and parents were telling me it wasn’t too high but it was on the yellow bar and not the green side and I don’t want to offend anybody by posting on this forum but I’m terrified every single day of my life now and I’ve already written my final goodbye messages to my family saved on a notepad on my computer I’m so convinced that I may have it even though my foot drop healed. Im scared and I really need someone’s help.

Also I noticed that my left arms forearm muscle isn’t as big as the right arms, i don’t know how long it’s been like this but there is a dramatic difference in the two and I’m hoping that it’s just normal like my girlfriend and friends have been saying.
Foot drop in als doesn’t go away. You identified a common cause and addressed it and it went away.
Elevated wbc is nothing to do with als. Yours may have been a little high because of your anxiety. Stress can elevate it.

you asked if we think you have als. I certainly don’t but you need to go see your regular doctor ( not an emergency room one) and tell them everything including how you came to worry about als and how it is affecting you. You need to get a handle on this before it destroys your life
Please get help from a doctor honey. Not for ALS but for your terrible anxiety which is crippling you inside and for a general check up. Please though, don't continue posting here as that is going to be really unhealthy for you to even come here, and we truly can't do anything to help but say 'no way, no how, is this anything like ALS, not even a little bit'.
We can't help further, but you can get help from a doctor.
Third that. You don't have to live in fear and don't have ALS. Get help and put this thread on your mirror.
update: I noticed a twitch in my stomach in the same spot now and idk if that’s a sign I’ve had it for a couple days now, I read someone on here that was diagnosed and he said that he only twitched in his stomach when he was laying down which reminds me of my twitching, I twitch in my eye lid, buttocks, face next to mouth, and my legs whenever I lay down or sit, also my upper back. I’m terrified.
I have no idea what you think you read, but you have nothing to worry about as regards ALS. Health anxiety is what you need help for.

Closing this thread because the resources you need are in SA. See a doctor. You'll come away less terrified and closer to good health.
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