Foot drop?toe drop:(

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Sep 8, 2022
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Hi,to all dear members♥️I really appreciate your time here. You are fabulous people with huge hearts.

I am a woman, 36 years old, I have 3 small children.

I've been dealing with a problem with my right leg/foot since last April. It started with the feeling that I'm limping on my R leg-my walk/can't keep up with synchronized walking with his left leg. However, none of the neurologists I've visited have seen a limp. The more I concentrate on walking, the "worse" it gets ”, in the spring, the feeling of lameness partially went away, but it was replaced by “tripping” I don’t trip in the sense that I will fall, but I feel (the feeling of the toe of the foot dragging on the ground when bouncing) and I can see (scratches) on my shoes - this changes depending on the shoes I wear .If I walk, dance in heels, it's fine. If I have pointed shoes, it's worse - also sneakers. I run, jump, dance without a problem. Stand heel and toe, jump stairs, ride a bike, ski without a problem. Problem it occurs at a certain pace of walking (faster) It scared me so much that I went through many examinations at a neurologist. I even went to a neuromuscular consultation. I have several EMG tests (no findings) and an MEP examination in June. Everything is clean. Nothing, when I was hanging out with our ex tren's wife era of skis, who has PLS/ALS-started to drag the sole of his foot on the ground, I can't get over the feeling that this is the beginning for me too. I noticed that my right foot has a high arch (compared to the left) and I learned again, that it can be a symptom of a neuro disease!

I am completely desperate, I need to function around my three small children and this is completely draining me mentally.

The sensation of limping goes away and comes again.
I feel pain on the R Achilles (when I stretch the foot strongly to the toe)
I've had fasciculations since 2019, but this really scares me!
How does a foot drop start?

Thank you for your time😘
Foot drop starts with the inability to walk on heel/ lift foot to tap toe. Multiple normal neuro exams and emgs say not ALS. High arch is not associated with MND. It is non specific but can be related to Charcot Marie Tooth. You can ask your doctor which is where you should take your concerns

good luck
Not in the way you're describing. The leg doesn't "feel" like its dragging; it simply stops working and never gets better. Nor, does the tripping come and go depending on the shoes or pace of walk. Have you read "IMPORTANT- READ FIRST" sticky? This will explain the difference between feeling.

You have had several examinations and EMGs that say no ALS. Plus, your symptoms don't match ALS onset. What part of all of this makes you not believe you don't have this disease? Are you a neuromuscular specialist yourself?
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I'm not a doctor. I only read avidly... Ms. Lydia once wrote here and her feelings are (probably) the same. The doctors think it's nothing. I'm still paying for new emg tests and new neurologists. I'm afraid of a slight wasting of my leg. ..I'm sorry - it's not fair. I'm just so scared :(
I can stand on my heels and toes, run, jump on a trampoline, but at the same time my toes are gently dragging uneven ground. Walking on grass is normal.
Sorry😔for my questions😔
Please, reading avidly here is the worst thing you can do.
With no medical training, you will find yourself spiralling and then down the rabbit hole you go.
If a doctor isn't find clinical evidence, we are never going to be able to help you here by text.
There are forums where you can unload this kind of fear however, but here is not the place.
I wish everyone a nice day, next week I have an appointment with my neurologist again (I asked her for another examination) and I will also see an orthopedist.
I have so much fear in me!

The toe of my right shoe is scraped off, I feel like my leg can't walk normally anymore! Different sensations like limping... like my leg is short (I can't describe it)

If I put on tennis shoes outside, with every step, the shoe rubs lightly on the ground (as if I had strong adhesive tape on the front of the sole)

Despite several clean EMGs and MEPs (the last at the end of June) I can't get past the onset of foot drop.
I don't fall, I can still run, jump, run down stairs, balance without problems, but walking seems worse... I've had this feeling in my foot since March. I've been dealing with the feeling that my walking is different for 1.5 years.

I will not and do not want to use your time for my peace of mind, I am just asking if anyone has experienced a similar feeling with the onset of limbs. I appreciate your words. Thank you very much.❤️
If you can run, jump, balance, etc. you don't have foot drop. Your questions have been asked and answered already. Please take these fears to a professional who can work with you to get past them. Stop asking the terminally ill to handhold your anxiety; it's way beyond disrespectful.
Closed for multi. Please get help for health anxiety. This is not an appropriate place to keep posting.
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