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  • Hello Frizzel. I saw one of your posts and have a question for you. You've had PLS for 12 yrs....what are your current abilibites as far as walking/standing. Do you have muscle weakness in other parts of your body? I would just like to get an idea of another persons progression. I know it will be different in everyone.

    A little historey....my husband's symptoms began with a numb foot 4 yrs ago. Currently he needs a cane to walk just a few feet. His dx by elimination is PLS but docs won't say it. His progression is getting worse and a bit more agressive. I learned this week that he's been driving our car to get the mail. The problem with this.....our mailbox is at the end of our driveway....(!) literally it's 45 steps from my front door. He just feels too unsteady on his feet. I think it's time to intorduce the walker.
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