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Oct 16, 2006
This may be a repeat because the program, shut me down in mid-composition. I have recently been diagnosed with bi-brachial amyotrophy, a variant of progressive muscular atrophy. I would very much appreciate any input from others regarding coping with this condition both physically and psychologically. I don't know if some of my symptoms are consistent with this diagnosis. E.g., certain specific physical activities or exercises can exacerbate my symptoms and this can last for a couple of weeks before returning to my previous level of impairment. In addition, the progression over the last eight months seems relatively rapid.

Thank you for any help, you might be able to provide.

PMA needs help

Hi Mark, welcome to the forum. I'm sorry I don't know much about your PMA case, but just wanted to let you know be patient and I'm sure someone on here will able to give you some advice. I'm ALS myself DX on May 11, 2006.

God Bless
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Hi Mark. The closest to what you said you have that I could find was Brachial Amyotrophic Diplegia. Any chance that is what they were talking about? A differential diagnosis of it would be PMA. The good thing about it is that it is generally slower progressing than ALS. Have you only been having symptoms for 8 months and what are they? Overworking your muscles is bad for any of the Motor Neuron diseases because muscle tissue generally doesn't regenerate.
Thanks for your response. The most recent consultant did not include the term diplegia. My symptoms start gradually almost 2 years ago but have progressed fairly rapidly since early March of this year. I've had significant muscle wasting of the shoulders, arms, and hands. The MRI of my neck shows significant degenerative changes and some stenosis, but no one seems to think the neck is the root of the problem. I have fasciculations in my legs, but no weakness.
The little I know about bi-brachial amyotrophy,it seems to be a variant of PMA,but has a much better prognosis. It causes significant disability to the arms ,but affects nowhere else in the body. May not be too comforting to know that,but at least it won't cause problems elsewhere. The speed at which it progresses varies but isn't supposed to be that rapid.I'm probably telling you what you already know,but I hope it may be of use.
best wishes
mark i just posted for the first time tonight and im somewhat in a state being all new to me but we have acouple of things in common neck stenosis leg fasiculation and now this new symptom of muscle wasting in my hands which was just seen this week would love to talk more about your progression over time ive had these numerous fasiculations for years before any atrophythanks kelly
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