1. M

    Finally a diagnosis after all these years

    Good morning everyone Apologies for posting a new thread here. Finally, I have a diagnosis after many years of searching and clean emgs. I had another emg done a couple of weeks ago and this found evidence of myopathy throughout the spinal column, neck, bulbar area and upper limbs. Based on the...
  2. A

    Update for previous post … got a different diagnosis

    Good morning, I can’t add to my previous post, but I thought I’d add a separate update for anyone who’s googling furiously and had a similar experience. Briefly… My husband had sudden loss of dexterity in L hand in 2020 which progressed to some atrophy in the hand and forearm, then developed...
  3. JJJeremy

    New Diagnosis of ALS and curious about some symptoms

    Hi Everyone, I would be grateful for your thoughts on on some symptoms. Long story short, Over the course of the past 6 weeks I was seen at Columbia's ALS center and received a second opinion at the Healy Center at Mass General. The consensus of the doctors at both facilities was to give me a...
  4. S

    8 months and no diagnosis

    My symptoms started on November after testing positive for coronavirus. I had several symptoms Chills and cough, I took steroids at night and next morning. After that my Leg got numb for several minutes minutes, then back to normal. Migratory pain ( stopped recently in April) migratory join pain...
  5. M

    Son's reaction to diagnosis - advice please

    Hi everyone. Could do with some advice please. My PALS' son (not my child) has known about his illness for the last several months. He is 18. Very smart. Charming. Outgoing. Fun. Active and busy life. Etc. He does not seem to be engaging with his dad on this at all, despite his illness and...
  6. Tomswife

    The Importance of Early Diagnosis and Treatment

    ALS, as we know, does not start with diagnosis. I get frustrated when asked the date of PALS diagnosis. Studies have shown a presymptomatic stage of ALS. And, those fleeting pre-symptoms are the real beginnings. Many PALS can identify the symptoms that caused them to seek medical advice. For...
  7. Nikki J

    Webinar on how to talk to children about ALS diagnosis

    Another CCALS presentation. The speaker is from a program at mgh that helps PALS deal with this https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZEvc--orjoqG93jVOmKhtacalRsb_6GNNeY
  8. M

    Relieved to get my dx on Wednesday

    Hi, some of you have already been helpful for me in my other thread (thanks). This past Wednesday, I went for EMG and nerve conduction at the ALS Center, where the director had told me categorically, at the tail end of August (after my own neurologist informed me in July that he suspected...
  9. L

    On the verge of a breakdown ..all symptoms of Als

    A year ago I started feeling numbness and tingling in my leg and burning sensation in my head I did a brain MRI which showed corticospinal tract hyperintensities which are biomarkers of Als. Neurologists said no Als and related my symptoms to anxiety but symptoms exacerbated a lot.later I began...
  10. M

    Rushed ALS Diagnosis ??

    First off, my heart goes out to all of you. You are so incredibly brave and generous with sharing your time, experience and support. My husband walked into a neurologist's office with symmetrical muscle weakness and walked out with a diagnosis of ALS. Some background - My husband is 51 and...