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Jun 14, 2017
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2016 Permobil M300 Corpus 3G - Fully loaded
Near mint condition - Accessories included
Power tilt, recline, and leg-rests - 8" power seat lift
$4500 obo

Link to craigslist ad (more images here)


Free local pickup (I'm in Redmond, OR) ... $500 for freight shipment to anyone else in the U.S.

  • Original value $26,000 (was new when we got it)
  • 18" wide x 20" deep seat - Corpus 3G seating
  • Very clean
  • Tires have very little wear (mostly used on carpet)
  • Gently used for only 5 months (only 48 miles)
  • All owners manuals
  • Mid-wheel drive (tight 20" turning radius)
  • 6.5 MPH max speed
  • Independant Suspension
  • Power tilt, recline, and leg-rests
  • 8" power seat lift
This power chair was purchased at the end of December 2016 for my wife who had ALS. Unforunately recently she has passed away in May 2017.

I wanted to donate the chair originally to the ALS foundation, but the circumstances of my situation has left me without a job (I was her caretaker 24/7) and lots of bills with little money to spare. I want this to get to somebody else who really needs it and I appreciate anyone who can help me out by buying this from me. I am open to possibly lowering the price.

It was well taken care of and mostly used indoors on carpeted floors so the tires have almost no wear. There is only 48 miles on the chair and it was used for only 5 months. The chair has been cleaned and sanitized since it's last use.

Because my wife needed additional head support it has completely adjustable headrest with Permobil link hardware (with extra segment) and a BodLink winged adjustable headrest pad. There are "wings" on this headrest where the angle can be adjusted to your needs. It comes with gel pads footrests help protect the feet and that add comfort (which are removable) and has fully adjustable armrests.

It has built in tie downs for transportation needs. The chair has an approximate range of 13 miles on one charge and comes with a Permobil 8 amp battery charger with status indicator. All the owners manuals which we got originally with the chair are included.

Retractable Permobil R-net Joystick Module with lighted ICS control panel for easy access to seat functions
  • Bluetooth wireless and Infra-Red control
  • Profile/mode jacks for ability switches
  • Includes Extra joystick knob types
  • Color screen
  • Memory preset fuctions for seating positions
  • 2 different speed profiles
  • Auto screen brightness
Inlcluded Accessories
  • ROHO Hybrid Elite cushion (Includes pump and manual)
  • Gel foot protectors (Very comfortable for feet)
  • Power tilt, recline, & footrests
  • 8" Power seat elevation
  • Bodlink winged adjustable headrest pad
  • Permobil upper extremity support tray (Useful for reading, eating, writing, etc)
  • Extra cloth armrest pads (Comes with leather installed)
  • Permobil Unitrack utility/carrying hooks
  • Permobil Unitrack USB charger
  • Permobil Unitrack self-leveling cupholde
  • Permobil armrest carrying pouches
  • RAM X-Grip cell phone holder

Contact me for any questions (909)524-7121 or email me at [email protected]


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The Permobil M300 has been sold. Thank you to the ALS forums and everyone for viewing the thread.
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