1. R

    Used Permobil M300 Powerchair

    Selling a used Permobil M300 powerchair. In good condition, wasn't used too long. Had a few adjustments made, such as caregiver joystick added to the back but this can be taken off. Located in Tucson, AZ, $1000
  2. Kristina1

    will air crew dissemble PWC to stow in cargo hold?

    Hi guys! Im flying soon with my Permobil M3. I'm worried that it could get damaged when airline crew stow in cargo hold. Will they try to dissemble it in order to stow?
  3. Jamesgol

    Wheelchair & van advice?

    I have now reached the stage where a wheel chair and van combination are needed. My neurologist just wrote the prescription for a wheel chair yesterday. The ALS Society is going to loan me a Permobil F3 until I can get one of my own. Which type of wheel chair (and options) do you prefer? What...
  4. Buckhorn

    Permobil Corpus F3, FWD power chair; loaded. $4,000.

    Excellent condition. Front wheel drive, with solid, non-puncture tires. Good for outdoor use, as well as having a reasonably small turning radius, making it a good choice for more than just indoor use. This wheelchair probably has less than 6 miles on it (IDK how to check). It has some cosmetic...
  5. P

    Seeking Permobil F3 Wheelchair

    Hello, I am hoping to find a used Permobil F3 or F5 wheelchair for my father soon. His current wheelchair does not have a tilt or rise feature which he will soon need. I live in Oklahoma, but am able to travel for pickup. I saw that soonerwife was selling one a few months ago, but I'm...
  6. Kristina1

    where do you store trilogy on permobil pwc?

    I don't use bipap during the day, but looking to the future, I noticed the permobil PWC loaner I have has no storage place where you could put the trilogy if you were using it in the wheelchair. I'm told the PWC they are ordering for me through insurance will be similar to this one. So once...
  7. S

    Like new Permobil F3 Wheelchair

    Permobil F3 power wheelchair with all the bells and whistles including cell phone holder, elevate feature and anything else you can think of. It even has the trilogy holder for the back. Probably only has 1 or 2 miles on it. Asking $2500, hoping someone close to Tulsa, Oklahoma may need it...
  8. swalker

    Time for a new wheelchair

    As many of you know, I have 4 wheelchairs, one of which has been funded by private insurance. The other three we bought used for particular purposes. The wheelchair funded by insurance is a Permobil C500s VS, which was ordered 4 years ago this month and arrived in January of 2015. It has over...
  9. KarenNWendyn

    Permobil vs Quantum power wheelchairs

    I posted recently with questions regarding the Permobil F3 (I’m currently borrowing one from my loaner closet and like it so far). That previous thread is here: I did receive a gift of a...
  10. KarenNWendyn

    Question for you wheelchair geeks.

    I just received a lovely Permobil F3 from my ALS loaner closet. I can still walk using a rollator or cane but have slowed way down. The tipping point (pun intended) recently occurred while out on a walk with my dog and my walker. I was bending over to pick up poop (the neighbors love it when...