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  • Hi Buckthorn,
    I am still in the learning stage regarding what I will be needing. I don't need those items right now but I will in the future, it's just a matter of when. How far are you from Oklahoma? Distance could be an issue.
    Hi Buckthorn,I

    I'm a newbie, so I'm trying to anticipate what I will be needing in the way of equipment. Right now, I'm using a scooter which I can mount unassisted. I can still get into the passenger side of my wife's van. But, as you know, all that will eventually change.

    What equipment do you have, if any. Do you still have your van?

    Hi Buckhorn, I just wanted to thank you for some of your posts. I’m totally agree with you on wanting to spend health care dollars judiciously where they will do the most good. I know it’s a balancing act with ALS when it comes down to self and family. I’m afraid I’m also a bit of a socialist but also very much in favor of personal choice. I personally would never want invasive ventilation.

    I want to wish you the best on your journey with Dave.
    thank you for the extensive information on the neck braces! Some of them look promising. Have you tried any of them? Do you know where to get a sheffield snood? I googled it and didn't have any luck finding where to buy one.
    Thanks Kim. We have an EZLite Cruiser deluxe. It is a very good hybrid wheelchair, but it is heavy (about 72#). We will soon have a wheelchair accessible van so we will be able to use that wheelchair or the Permobil we have gotten with greater ease. Welcome to the forum.
    Hello Buckhorn,
    I saw an old forum on the folding wheelchairs and tried to post my experience but was not able to due to it being closed. I am new to this forum but wanted to share my experience. We purchased from Quick N Mobile an eagle Hd and it was far superior than expected. They are a great company with excellent customer service. They go out of their way to make sure things are smooth.
    We got it for my father in Law he has Parkinson's, MS and a few other things too numerous to list. It has been wonderful! It has given him freedom as well as the ability to travel a bit. They are lightweight and very functional.
    Thanks just wanted to share our experience so others could reap the benefits we have.
    Let me say this - DO NOT listen when someone makes out that questions are redundant - they NEVER are. Too many of our members are far too busy, stressed and maybe new to forum environments to spend hours searching here. They just need an answer and have every right to start a thread and ask! It's not like there are currently 10 open threads talking about your medicare question and you have't bothered to read them.
    That is perfectly legitimate. If someone else knows a thread addressed it before they should be happy to say - oh look I found another thread that may help and post a link. To me that is giving support. Happy to be friends :)
    Hi bucky :) You will be able to send PM once you have made a certain number of posts - we don't actually know the magic number. So I would keep posting ;)
    Do feel free to start a thread about your medicare question. I can't even begin to figure out your health system, it is just so different. Medicare for us for example is the free health care our taxes pay for.
    I would use the google search bar that top of the forum and put medicare in there and see what kind of results you get. If they don't answer you, start a thread and ask - that's what we are all about :)
    Thank you for your comments on the sticky xx
    Thank you Laura. I have watched countless patients and their families go thru the struggles and adjustments that my husband and I must now pass thru personally. My heart often has ached for them. I know there are major adjustments that both my husband and I will go thru. Every PALS or CALS on this website has or will go thru these stages. I hope I can remain emotionally strong enough to provide good care to my husband.
    Dear Buckhorn,
    I wanted to tell you that your post to Sleepy about falling addressed so many aspects of a person having ALS.
    It was written with a lot of thought and insight.
    I have ALS.
    I am sorry for the reason you have needed to join our forum family, but Welcome.
    Laura (fionae)
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