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  • Hey Olly I was just diagnosed with hypertonia and was wondering if you had a stiff feeling in your leg when you wake up and throughout the day or should I go back to my docto
    hey olly, i am new to the forums and saw some of your posts. I am looking for some answers regarding my symptoms and would love to ask you a few questions!
    Hi thank you for your messages.
    My son was diagnosed with non hodgkins lymphoma...at first they thought it was aggressive but since decided not and have put him on watch and wait till January ,so no treatment yet for that.
    However they suspected with his symptoms that something else is going on also.
    They suspect lupus or other systemic/connective tissue disease and he has been tested for these,just waiting for appointment for results.
    He has been seriously ill....lost 18lbs ,severe muscle fatigue and compromised immune system also huge lymph nodes up in groin,under arms and neck.
    He has had literally every test done for viral/bacterial infection etc etc but they said he has nothing like that,some weeks they have taken 10 vials of blood for testing.
    So that's all there is to tell just now,its taken its toll on my health which has caused a decline in my pls.
    Will try to look in again when I can.
    Love to you all xxx
    Caroline! I am so sorry about your son!! If he is strong like his mother he will beat it! Good luck to you both!
    Caroline, I am so very sorry to hear of your son's illness. You are both in my thoughts and prayers.

    To my dear friends and forum family.
    I have not been able to get on the forum and contribute much since the start of the year.
    This is due to health problems and other things going on,things have been tough.
    My son and only child has been ill also since early this year and sadly he has been diagnosed with cancer at 25yrs old.
    He is due to start chemo and then a bone marrow transplant...the next year is going to be hard.
    I have to focus 100% on my son so wont be here very much,just look in once in a while to keep updated.
    You all are always in my thoughts and will continue to be.
    Hi Caroline! Hope all is well with you. I have missed you. Been away for a while. Needed a break from all the losses we were having. How are things on the other side of the world? Hugs, Joyce
    I'm okay! My eye gaze computer wasn't working for 20 days recently (well we didn't send it back for a week because it was still kind of working), thank goodness Brian D introduced mE to the Speakbook. Otherwise, it would have been even more frustrating. Hope you're well! Love your new profile picture!
    Hey, we are friends now. LOL

    I am going to visit my oldest son next weekend for 3 day. OMG--I can't wait! I feel bad my poor husband can not travel at all. way too much work and no fun for him or me.
    Absolutely love your pics, especially the alaskan flat tire. Years ago I had a siberian husky, that loved to pull the kids around on a sled, he lived for it in fact. When I pulled out his harness he would run to me and stand excitedly waiting for me to put it on him. He could run like the wind.
    Hi Olly,
    How are things going with you? My daughter and I are going to Dallas to visit my dad soon. The kids are done with school for the year this week. I'm so glad because I'm sick of all the homework drama. I have been working alot at the switchboard at our local hospital. Kind of getting a little burnt out and am anxious for a break. But, the money will come in handy with visiting my dad. Take care, Kim
    Hi Olly,
    How are things with you? I'm trying to plan a trip to see my dad with my three kids. I think we are going to try taking the train. I'm a very nervous driver and am afraid to drive 12 hrs. My dad is doing fairly well. He is thrilled that winter is over and he can go out in his chair more. He has a really nice pool here in our town at his house that I'm anxkous to enjoy. Been working quite a bit but it helps pay the bills not that I'm separated from my husband. Not legally yet but it's coming. Very painful but I guess I'll survive it. Take care, Kim
    Olly, thank you for the daily bible reading in preparation for passover, we will most definitely do it.

    God Bless you
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