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  • Hi Barbie, I am reaching out to you cause I wonder I we are in very similar Al's boats? My husband was diagnosed 2yrs ago and is now 52. I have 7yr old twin girls. Daddy still functions well so it's not completely obvious yet. But it's all around the corner. In a recent post you told the person it was hard dealing with it and kids. Is their any insight or advice you might have? I am about to hit a crossroads and not a clue how to handle it. Txs u so much, Lisa
    Hi Barbie
    Thanks a bunch. Glad you made it through your day...I know I will too. Thanks for thinking of me!!xx
    Hi Barbie,
    How are you getting along? I'm hanging in there. I attend a grief support group every two weeks. I've met some new friends through it so that has been good. We don't cry there all the time either. Sometimes, we laugh and share good stories about our love one's. I am on here but don't always post because I was never dad's caregiver so I can't help as much as other. Take care, Kim
    Glad to see that you popped in barbie. I think of you and your family often. I have moved into my dad's home. I actually moved in before he passed away with his blessing. I got myself my own present for Christmas this year to keep myself company. I adopted a Beagle from our local humane society. He gets into mischief but he's stolen my heart. Take care, Kim
    Barbie - I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet husband. You are one of the strongest women I know. I hope you are taking care of yourself now. Always, Trina
    Oh Barbie! I just logged on and saw your post about the loss of your hubby. It just breaks my heart for you. I just went to the funeral of my father-in-law today. It really hit me hard because I know that my dad's time is coming. I am scared. If you ever want to add me I'm on facebook under Kim Stephens Deters. You are in my thoughts and prayers. You were wonderful to your hubby and that is why he survived this monster longer then most. Big huge hug to you. Love always, Kim
    Tim is much better, even has a stronger voice that he had before he got sick. I have been working on detoxing his liver. Glad that you are feeling better this week, I hope that that continues.
    I hope things aren't too tough right now. I know you are a strong woman, but I also know how much work it takes to be strong. I daydream about a day when someone else looks after me, a day when I get up when I want to, go to bed when I want to, and finish a thought before I have to one more thing. Thinking of you.
    Hi Barbie, My address 215 Meadowcreek Drive, Duncanville, Texas 75137. Let me know how to get the money to you. Thank you so much!
    Hi Barbie,
    I haven't been on much. I was sorry to read today that your husband is having such a rough time. I am glad that you called Hospice and they can help you with his care. You are in my prayers. Truly wish I could do more for you. Hugs, Kim
    Hi barbie.
    Just seeing how you are after saying goodbye to your friend?
    When they say it takes time they never say quite how much time...I'm hoping that soon the great memories will outweigh your sadness.
    Janelle xxxxxxx
    Hi Barbie,
    Just wanted to thank you for telling me about Bob Dole and the pencil. I did the usual and googled him, wow...that pen is always there!
    Anyway, I thought about that for a I wear my hand bag (cross body type) on the other shoulder so I can grip the strap. The other good thing about that is now my arm can rest on the actual bag, by the end of shopping my shoulder is now not quite so sore. I feel a bit of a goose not thinking of that before!
    Anyway, I hope you and your beloved are going ok.
    Take care, Janelle x
    Hello again Barbie from a very wet and windy South Wales...
    I'm glad to hear you sound so positive, I know how hard it is..Clive went so quickly, just about 14 months really, I didnt really understand the enormity of it all at the time it was happening. Its only after his passing and several months down the line I see how brave and dignified he was, and how he spared me....I miss him...its two and a half years now...
    I have a new friend who is very understanding of my loss, I had lots of internal arguments about getting involved with another person. Was it too soon, was it disrespectful, what if I get close and he dies too...all sorts... but it is a good time..and life goes on.
    I have a new job, my grown up kids are doing well, five grandchildren now, and life is good again but I am still wary..I guess that will stay with me....
    Im glad you are doing well, sending you love and peace from across the pond :) XX
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