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  • hi Paulette,
    just thinking of you and Tim. hope all is well with you. you were a good friend to me, thank you <3 <3
    I am feeling strong. stronger than I was last week anyway. I can do this. but I know what you mean about daydreaming--it is tough to want something we don't have and can't have, and have such an awful reality staring us in the face!

    is Tim improving?
    Hi Paulette,
    I haven't been on as much lately. I am sorry to read that Tim has been having such a rough time lately. You and Tim are in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs, Kim
    Hi Paulette. Getting my haircut tomorrow and when I made the appointment I thought of you, hope all is ok with you at the mo.
    God bless, Janelle x
    Thank-you, Paulette, for your warm welcome. Our family went camping in the Shuswap with my brother's family from Edmonton for years, so we are familiar with the area. How wonderful that you have a strong church connection there, something so important in difficult times. I would be delighted to connect with you by phone. Here's my personal email: [email protected]
    Paulette, I am fairly new to the forum. Have read some of your posts. Sorry to hear of your Dad and your husband. I have ALS and live in Surrey, B.C. My husband and I are Christians.
    - Charlene
    Paulette, so sorry to hear about your dad but glad that Tim has rallied somewhat. Give him my and Sean's best regards...I guess you guys probably won't be back this way, but let me know if you ever drift down.
    Hi, just reading your reply to "My Thoughts" thread.

    My DH has type 2 diabetes also, and his blood tests are getting worse so I don't know if this is a 'bi-product' of ALS. Dr. doesn't want to up his dose of Metformin because he's taking SOOO many other meds and supplements so he'll just wait to see what the Neuro. says on Jan. 5th. DH was fine in June - it's been only 6 months and he's in a wheelchair (limb onset) and that I've been taking care of his needs for maybe 3-4 months as he's been getting worse. But I am already sooo tired. He's not sleeping much - wants to get up early a.m. - I'm still not awake and crabby (I feel so very badly for that but if I'm half asleep I'm not a happy camper - feel terrible for that - not good for DH). I don't know what I'm going to do when he's even more advanced, to help him AND to keep my sanity. Anyhoo, thanks for lending me your ear and just a little "hi" to let you know that I understand about you being 'worn out' xoxoxo
    Sounds like you have your hands full. Caretaker and puppy mama. I'm sorry I confused you. Was a silly note. Should have been specific - I have only started a few threads - was the one-year prognosis one, I guess. No comment needed - I will not live like it's true - none of us really know absolutely. Sorry about Tim's issues - my Toby is still losing weight - breathing problems really do a job on appetite. A friend took him out today and I guess I should be 'doing' something but just want to give body a rest and lay on the couch! Wishing you strength and peace...
    Howdy P... thinking of you... Posted an update - help! well, a cyber hug will do.... wanted your input if you feel up to it.
    I'm glad we are friends... xoxo Nancy
    How are you Paulette? how is Tim doing? Any news? thinking of you and sending hugs
    Paulette, sorry to hear that Tim is not doing well. I think Larry is near the end as well -- I just asked for rx for clonazepam/morphine as he is fighting mucus/coughing/air hunger and less appetite for food/drink. Like Tim, he continues to converse and interact.
    I have adjusted Larry's BiPAP settings as his needs change so let me know if you ever need any more tweaking help.
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