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  • Hi Olly, have not seen you for a while and a worried for you. Hope you are doing ok. Huggs to you
    MISSING you, dearest. Hope all is ok. Waiting to hear from you. Love you to pieces....
    Hi Caroline, wasn't sure if you wanted me to do the poll since I technically was diagnosed with HSP and not PLS. I will definitely do the poll. Hope all is well with you.
    Hi Caroline,
    I'm okay, just closed the tab that this was open in and didn't log back in for a while. Even if I'm not here, I'm usually on tumblr and Twitter. I felt like it was unfair at first, but now it's just like eh.. Maybe it's the acceptance phase, maybe it's because so many young people on the internet with it, maybe I'm just over it. Feeling kind of blah right now. But not bad. Thanks for checking on me :)
    Take care,
    Hi caroline.

    David told me he did email Johnny. I haven't heard anything since. Your hand kinda resembles mine - except I no longer have the fat/muscle pad under the thumb area. I have only bone. My entire hand is very thin & bony except for when the edema sets in. My hand is immobile. A can't lift a finger... Not even the bird finger! Cold.... Here, but sunny. My saving grace is the sun streaming in. Feels like a sun room. Warmed by my fireplace. Oh - and my magnificent sunsets. God is a great painter. Each sunset hues are unique. I will post a pic of a recent sunset in my album.
    Hi Caroline, I'm not sure how that happened either! :) You've been so wonderfully helpful to me. Thank you so very much!

    All healed now....just putting off that chair as long as possible.
    Fell while using my cane.
    Thanks for your kind words
    You are so knowledgable, I enjoy your posts
    Thank you sweets! I miss you! Yes, I mostly use FaceBook. I'm on the Living with ALS for PALS Only. You can join! There are a lot from here there. I am in contact with Rose. She is so helpful on the Adult Gtube group. How are you doing?
    Doing OK! Like you - every day is a box of chocolates... Planning a party. That's always great fun. Well, I am not actually planning it, but I am getting veto rights! Ha! Great distraction. 55 days to spring... But who's counting?
    Its been warm here Caroline. Above freezing for about a week. All the snow and ice is melting. This is strange weather for us. Usually we are below freezing until April. No, there are plenty of men to choose from that are marrying material, just depends on where a person is looking. If they are looking in a bar, well you will get what you pay for...lol! Yes I am on a couple fb forums. I will private message you the names and info as I know they are by invite only I think. Hugs!
    Thanks for writing me back! I was really needing to know someone out there cared today. I understand your hobbies aren't as doable these days. But you are still you. Thats what i tell my husband. He's still a singer even though he cant sing right now. You are still a gardener and crafter. Its who god made you. And you and my husband will do again what God has gifted you with. Amen? I am transitioning right now to full time caretaker. This is my last week at my job. Its kind of hard. My job is fulfilling. But my kids need me home and my husband definitely needs me. Pray for me fir peace and comfort. To find joy and purpose i. The everyday little things i get to do to serve my family. Can i pray for you for anything specifically?
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