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  • just posted this but wanted to be sure you saw it because of your answering my message...

    With gratitude for all your encouragements ... I just got off the phone (after many wrong turns and frustrating calls to various places) and have an appt for my Pals on THIS THURSDAY at the ALS multidisciplinary CLINIC in Pittsburgh's Allegheny General Hospital. They had a cancellation!
    Will be reporting in soon with some REAL information. Breathing/appetite/energy continue to decline. But at this moment I'm H A P P Y to be professionals who know about the beast. Thanks again for your help.
    I read your post in the one referring to a new wheelchair and how to get the lift approved for a new wheelchair. My current chair won't be enough and am going to work with the mobility specialist when I go to clinic in 3 weeks. Can you please help me with what/who Lgelb is in your post? I tried a search to look up the 5 myths and can't locate this specific group. I am going to clinic in a couple of weeks and am going to work with the mobility people and would like to read this beforehand.

    Thanks a lot,
    Hi,how are you doing ? I don't get on the forum much these days. Good to see you and hope your as well as you can be....know what I mean .
    Hi,not seen you around much. How are you doing?
    Its so sad when these deseases effect ones so young,i was 30-31 yrs old when I started my mnd journey.
    Hope your not progressing too quickly.
    Take care,caroline.
    You're welcome! I use it all the time when I've already moved away from my Dynavox. But only the spelling pages so far. And for my helpers, it is easier for them to just point to the letters rather than the actual two step with the eyes. Always good to have a low tech backup.
    Well yes I figure we pals on a stick together. I don't blog what I write food reviews for Richmond magazine. My new favorite thing to keep weight on, though that's not too big a problem for me yet, is Alden's organic ice cream. No chemistry just amazing flavor. The other thought would be hummus and babaganoush, the 2 Arab dishes. They should have a good calorie count in the chickpeas give you some protein. Good luck and I am enjoying what you put up on tumbler. I'm going down to the NeALS meeting in Florida. I figure as long as I can speak I need to speak for all of us.
    Hi Ashley, I'm getting issues with food.. I have dropped a lot of weight... Do you know any supplement that can help the throat? I wonder if when you developed throat and swallowing difficulties, your breathing was affected? I'm trying to sleep but I can't.. Don't know If it is because of anxiety or something..
    Hi Ashley.
    Thankyou for your kind words,much appreciated.
    I see you are diagnosed and only 31yrs old,how are you doing?
    I was 31yrs old when I developed pls/mnd,that was 15yrs ago now.
    I reported the post below,clearly a troll up to no good. Please be aware of such posters,though we don't get them ofton.
    Take care. Caroline.
    I asked my wife and she is ok with you sharing her blog on your blog. Thank you for asking and she also thank you for reading it
    Hey, well i don't know why.. but below your name.. there is something that says send message.. when clicked it must deliver two options.. private and visitor.. maybe you don't have many posts.. to send private yet... i read your blog.. lol... it gave me a glimpse
    Hi Ashley... how you been.??... since you are a political and news junkie like myself!!! i need to ask you... what are your thoughts about Zimmerman trial...
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