Which BIPAP mask do you like?

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Feb 25, 2008
Would appreciate the benefit of your experiences with BIPAP masks. Which type was easiest to become accustomed to? Do you find that you need a chinstrap to keep your mouth from flying open during the night? I made the mistake of buying my own portable BIPAP and now the respiratory therapy people refuse to assist me with the setup of a machine that is not supplied by their company. Tsk.
I use the Ultra Mirage full face by ResMed. It covers nose and mouth so you don't need chin strap and if you are either a mouth or nose breather or like me I do both depending on position or time of night it works. My mouth does get dry sometimes even with the humidifier which is a must for most people.
We're still trying to get my PALS' (jpruppe) BiPAP set up and I had read in one of your posts that you use the Respironics Synchrony s/t. In your post above you say you use the ResMed Ultra Mirage. Are you still using it? I just want to be sure that it's okay to mix and match different brands of interface with machines.
Masks and machines can be mixed as far as I know. They all use the same size tubing and components. Can't see a problem there. I have tried other makers masks and preferred the Ultra on my machine.
BiPap Mask

I started with a full face mask but couldn't get used to it, maybe because I have a beard. I switched to a nasal mask and like it a whole lot better. I started using it with a chin strap but after I got it adjusted to my liking I took the chinstrap off. The thing I like about the nasal mask is you can yawn or cough with it on and speak somewhat.
Also, on one of the other posts a lady said the nose pieces were to small for her husbands nostrils. Mine came with four different size nose pieces and I chose the one that was most comfortable. Now, when I'm wearing it, most of the time I don't notice it.
Thanks for letting me know about mixing and matching. That's certainly good to know and gives more options.

Do you not breathe through your mouth? What brand is your machine and mask, if I may ask?
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I am going to have some extra funds in my Health Care Spending Account so I am going to purchase a back-up battery and maybe a mask from another company. I've tried all the Respironics masks and can use just about all of them but you never know if something else might wrok better.

These threads are incredibally helpful! Thanks everybody!
I've just read on another thread about you now being diagnosed with a paralyzed diaphragm. Hope you're okay and get your BiPAP soon.:(:-|
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Thanks Jane. The Pi-Pap is on its way. I seem to have fallen through the cracks but now have a new respiratory therapists who promised to get some movement. I think each Doc thought the other would take care of it.

In 2 weeks I will get another round of EMG's. I probably should have insisted that the ALS clinic does them again but I thought I would try an experiment of sorts. My theory is if the locals can find something, like they did with the diaphragm, then all questions in my mind will be erased. If they don't find anyhting I will wait until December and have them repeated at the clinic.

Thanks for asking. I feel OK if I don't move around too much or talk too much.
My BiPap and mask are Respironics. I breathe thru my nose when I'm on the BiPap but can open my mouth without moving the mask. I have tried to use it without the heat and humidifier since it has gotten hot but it dries my mouth out and also gives me a headache.
nasal pillow mask

My hubby finds the nasal pillow mask the best for him.
I'm glad you're feeling okay, Cindy. You're such a trooper through all this and have waited for so long to be diagnosed. Good that your BiPAP will soon be doing its thing!

Thanks for answering my question. I find that asking questions here about equipment is kind of like reading user reviews before buying items online like vacuum cleaners, fiddle strings, computer monitors, bicycles, etc....but not as much fun LOL!

Take care all!
Thanks for the compliment, Jane. I don't feel like a trooper but after reading my last comment I see why. The clue is where I said i feel better if i do not talk too much. :-D Never easy for me, keeping quiet! :-D
Reviving Thread with new question

My father got his BiPAP Monday and used it the past couple of nights. All is well except the mask. We decided a full face mask was best since he tends to sleep with mouth open.
However, the mask is rubbing on the bridge of his nose to the point that it wakes him and this morning his nose was very chapped.
Anyone else experience this?
Tonight we will try to loosen the top straps and maybe that will help.
I did call the RT and am waiting to hear back, but thought I would also turn to the folks that really know - you guys. :)
Thanks for any feedback.
Hi Bette,

You might try KY Jelly as a gasket. :-D

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