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  1. R

    Breathing Problem

    My wife sometimes at night or day depends on the position of complaining about breathing problems, always helps open the window, today I arranged for a oxygen concentrator. We don't know anout any result becouse she has stared use from 30min. Are there any other methods to improve breathing? I...
  2. E

    Breathing regular checks

    Hey everyone! Today my father had a breathing exam and, as it has been the case since he is testes, the results were perfect. In the past two years and a half since first measured, there has been no observable decline as measured by any indication of respiratory function. Given these results...
  3. K

    FVC at diagnosis and progression rate

    My mom’s FVC was 50% during her initial respiratory evaluation at the ALS Clinic at Mayo. Because of this, she is not a candidate for any clinical trials. She will be receiving a cough assist and trilogy. Does her diminished pulmonary function indicate ALS progression is aggressive? She is...
  4. M

    A delayed introduction

    Hello All, I want to first say thank you for taking the time to read this post. I have avoided posting here for about 1 year but due to changes recently I have decided, still with some hesitation, to post. I was going to write more of my history but I do not want to take up your time any more...
  5. B

    MIL Diagnosed

    My MIL started showing symptoms in June 2018. It started with back pain and slurred speech and progressed from there. In August she needed a cane to walk, and by September a walker. We had began seeking answers from her PCP and a Neurologist who couldn't give us any answers. The only thing...
  6. P

    Scared and sad...

    First off, thanks to everyone on these forums. I have been visiting a bit as I'm quite convinced my girlfriend of 10 years has developed this terrible disease. A year ago today we were on our snowmobiles in northern Maine... it seems impossible that we are where we are right now. Sharon...
  7. P

    support for children and grandchildren of PALS

    I was personally very grateful to see a camp offerred to the minor children and grandchildren of PALS. As a CALS I was overwhelmed with gratitude when I saw the notice. Just wonderful, I thought, I wept and sent the notice on to my daughters in law who might want to participate with our...
  8. F

    Dad died

    Doubt anyone reads this things. Just wanted to mention my Dad passed. Came to this forum a few times for a help and it was much appreciated. His ALS moved so quickly we were unable to get him any of the benefits he deserved for being a veteran. I tried my best for my Dad. My heart goes out to...
  9. D

    Sore in mind and body

    Hi all Firstly, you are all incredible and the way you put up with the clinically anxious is astounding. I have over the last two years had significant health challenges, since developing severe Sepsis, which resulted in kidney and respiratory failure. Since that time I have undoubtedly...
  10. M

    Question about NIPPV machine

    My dad has respiratory onset ALS diagnosed in May 2017, he still has full use of his hands and his speech and swallow are only minimally affected but he is really really weak can only walk assisted for 2 or 3 steps so he has a power wheelchair for getting around. At first he would only need...

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