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  • Hi fiddleplayer51, thanks for your message of condolance. How are you doing? My brother had bulbar onset too. Was dx May 07. Hope that you are getting a break now and again. It helps to keep your strength up.
    Hi Jane:

    Thank you for your words, this year has been hard for me, the thing that kept me going on, was my little grandson Cesar, who was born four days before his grandaddy past away, this coming holidays will be tough for me, but with God's help and my daughter and son, I think I will be okay.

    This morning when I opened my mail in yahoo, the first message was Jackie's who has been a true friend to me and with whom I've shared feelings; I really feel very sorry for Horace's passing away, as you know this is the second time she looses a husband, but life is like that and we have to be strong about it, my husband Jorge told me always that when we are born we start dying.

    May God bless you and your family.

    Just stopping to by to let you know that I am thinking about you!!!
    Hang in there!!
    You are a hell of a woman
    It was good to hear from you. I am sorry that things are progessing the way the are, this is such a hard time. I think spending your free time with your beloved is a wonderfully better thing to do then be here. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
    HI!! I have not heard much from you, how is everything going? I hope things are going as well as can be expected!
    Thanks for the kind words! Yes, it's one of my paintings, and I'm glad so far, my right hand isn't affected. (But with abstract paintings, I guess it really doesn't matter which hand you use!)
    Thanks for your message on my post. I have been missing my dreams, plans and goals lately and as someone who has always been highly motivated, it is especially devestating. I took time off school, which I LOVE to do, and also suspended my website and magazine that we are so close to launching to the public. It is gut wrenching to put so much into things that can make me happy but not be able to focus on them! I am struggling between wanting to be there and wanting to go live my life for myself for the first time.

    Anyways, your words meant more to me than any others and I thank you for taking the time.
    Thank you for your kind post! I was afraid that I was posting too much. I just know how it feels and even if I dont have answers it is nice to share. I have always been overly chatty and sharing.(much to my husbands dismay at times). I just admire all of you who are in the midst of this illness, such a comfort for people not to be alone. (lets thank Al Gore for inventing the I am trying to stay positive. my doc said "there are worst things than als", i was like "really, what?". Well, watching my grandfather suffer with alzhiemers, it was bad when he lost his mind, not fun. Anther doc said one thing that has stayed with me-"what is more important, your body or your soul/spirit?". Well, of course my soul. He said trust God, I said "I do, but I dont think his plan is the same as mine"!!! anyway, it is nice to have each other! Have a great day. I am going to! april
    ps. so rude of me, how are you and your husband handling all this?
    Isn't that funny! Makes you realize what a small world it is. I would see repeat customers fairly often, don't understand the phenomenon really, as there are so many travelers.
    No, I don't know her, or if she was with Continental I may have known her by sight, but that name doesn't show up on the flight attendant seniority list, so she would not be there now.
    Our airline has gone through so many ups and downs that many have chosen to bail over the years. Frank Lorenzo, for one, did his very best to run it into the ground.
    Oh, just for the record, we're not married, we've been together for over 7 years though, and in this industry that's a long time! He actually started out flying A4's and A6's as a US Marine pilot, and came to the airline in 87, the year you ran into your friend.
    My dad, and granddaddy both retired from the airlines, and my mom was employed for a few short years too, but that was way back during the war, and she quit to marry my dad when he got out of the service.
    I once told my dad that back when I was little I used to love how he smelled when he got back from work, (but that I was over it at that point, the thrill of jet fuel smell was g-o-n-e ) and he got such a big smile on his face, and said he never knew I liked how he smelled. Oh, the things we should tell our loved ones that we don't think are important enough!
    Take care :)
    Thanks Jane, I love a good joke too. My dad was a great source for them when he was living, something we enjoyed sharing :) And thanks for the encouragement about the disability, I was surprised that it is as upsetting to me as it is, maybe because its symbolic on top of leaving a job that I love.... BTW, I always make it a point to read your responses when I see them on a post, because you have such a sincere caring way about you. Thanks for being there for everyone. Take care
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