My mother is now in heaven

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Feb 13, 2007
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My mother was just diagnosed ALS December 2006, but had been having symptoms for at least one and a half years prior. Her decline had been gradual until the last week, but starting October 17 ( which was the date my mother and father were married) the decline was so rapid. I have no doubt my mother entered heaven on October 23rd, the date of her death.

I just wanted the world to stop, but it didn't, and somehow we all survive - due I'm sure to being in shock, being numb. ALS is such a horrible disease, and I am trying hard to be glad that my precious mother is no longer suffering, and is with my father and other loved ones in heaven in a perfect body.
Sorry to here about your mother, I pray that God will see you and your family thru this. God Bless,
Judy....I am so sorry to hear about the lose of your dear mother. I am certain she is in a much better place.
God Bless. Anne
My Heart and Prayers are with you! With this horrible disease, there are too many "Seasons of Despair". Not only do we see them decline and suffer (we are grieving during this time, to). We Grieve when they are gone. Its such an unfair disease.

I will continue dedicating my seld to the "ALS Treatment and Cure Cause."

So sorry to hear of your mom's passing. Our thoughts are with you at this difficult time.
Condolences on the loss of your mother.
I'm so sorry to hear of your mother death but like you I believe that after the suffering our dear PALS go through they are quickly taked into the arms of the Lord.

Yes, your mom is now not suffering any longer and she is in heaven. Having just had my own mother die of Parkinsons the loss can not be described. I wear her scarfs and sweaters and other things that remind me of her. She will always be a part of the wholeness that makes you unique. Feel the feelings.. they are what they are. This can send your roots deeper to become all you can be. Take care and I have just prayed for you to find a place of peace as you adjust to her being gone.

Hi Midwestern girl- it is terrible what this disease does to families. I know your Mom appreciated all you did for her. My thoughts are with you in this hour of your grief. Cindy
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