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    Father in Law on a gradual downward slope

    My father in law, Army Cold War Vet from the 1960s Germany..... It started way, back, back in 2020 with gait issues (he'd walked slow for years) then in 2021 surgery on his foot, and then his ALS really became apparent. prior thread Proper diagnosis June of 2022, and now in August of '23 he is...
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    Rushed ALS Diagnosis ??

    First off, my heart goes out to all of you. You are so incredibly brave and generous with sharing your time, experience and support. My husband walked into a neurologist's office with symmetrical muscle weakness and walked out with a diagnosis of ALS. Some background - My husband is 51 and...
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    need for advice

    hello , my Najib and i have father who's been diagnosed with ALS recently my father had lost his right hand he can't move it any more , he cant walk without falling too , and now the other hand is going down . i have no clue what should i do to help him out . the big problem is that the...
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    Sinking - got a lifeline?

    Hi everyone. I apologize in advance for the length of this post. I’ve only been a registered user for less than 24 hours but am really impressed with the empathy and knowledge of posters and moderators. What a fantastic resource. I am on this site to not only utilize the nuts and bolts of...
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    Father had Als concerned I do too

    Hello everyone, just want to say I am a firm believer of Jesus. So my symptoms started as having a hard time taking a deep breath and gasping for air. I went to the ER they took a chest xray and said it was asthma, they prescribed me a 6 day supply of steroids and sent me on my way. I took the...
  6. Nuts


    Matt has been gone four months, and it feels like a lifetime. On the other hand, I think I'm just now mourning what we went through. All the losses that I was unable to mourn because we were too busy trying to live--I think they are battling their way out of the box I locked them in at the time...
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    Predictive model based on ALSFRS-R score?

    Hello, Does anyone know a good model of disease progression based on ALSFRS-R score? My father was told his score was 38/48, after 2.5/3 years since symptom onset. Could anyone point me to a good resource where rates of progression are plotted?
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    Breathing regular checks

    Hey everyone! Today my father had a breathing exam and, as it has been the case since he is testes, the results were perfect. In the past two years and a half since first measured, there has been no observable decline as measured by any indication of respiratory function. Given these results...
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    I was finally diagnosed after my father

    This is my previous article link: https://www.alsforums.com/forum/do-i-have-als-als/43074-my-sister-i-have-same-symptoms-same-time-after-my-father-diagnosed.html Hello everyone, I returned after being diagnosed after 6 months of symptoms and tests. My neurologist concluded MND disease after a...
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    Waiting on Neuro, scared.

    Hi, Thank you in advance for your time. I've read many of the posts here and I am in a similar situation. My grandmother died at age 76 from ALS, and it has given me a lot of anxiety over the past 10 years related to it. I also had a more distant relative (a cousin of my father) who I believe...