Glyconutrients and ALS

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Jul 28, 2005
Hoping to find out if anyone has ever heard about glyconutrients as a treatment for ALS... I have only heard bits and pieces and was wondering if anyone else has more info.

praying for a cure,
Thanks Mike for sharing...this gives me some hope for my husband. I hope this can also help with the dementia. My husband goes to the Nuero on Monday and I hope that he will be in favor of this additional treatment. He is on Rilutek & Vit E now.
I am glad to hear that is helping you. Thanks again.

Praying for a cure,

fotiostzimas...I am unable to open the links you gave.
Hi jbird,

The link passed along by fotiostzimas was a link to an earlier topic where members had a heated discussion about glyconutrients.

The topic was entitled "Don't Fall For the Snakeoil!" and it is worth reading for information on glyconutrients...the issue was discussed to death...

Richard...Why all the controversy? I will not give up and will explore all options. The info I was given on it offers hope. It is worth a try. It seems that it won't hurt anything.

Thanks for the heads up...

Praying for a cure,
The ALS Society of Canada does not tolerate advertising or miracle cure information on this web site. :lol:
Jbird: You have to read and investigate all options. What works for some doesn't work for others. Mike says the Glyconutrients are expensive. They are. Depending on where you live and your health insurance coverage Rilitek and Glyco are about the same price per month. Mike has had good success with them. Others haven't. Be informed and then make a decision.
You are right Al, I am exploring all options. Thanks!

Sorry Kirsten I am not advertising for a mircle cure just exploring our options. I hope I didn't offend anyone...
I will continue to pray for a cure!

Hi jbird,

I don't know why Kirsten was relaying that message, it was obvious that you were asking a question and advertising nothing.

I feel if you want to know about glyconutrients, go to the expert, in our case contact PALSMike. He will give you the 'straight and narrow' answers wihtout the sales pitch!

I started (with regret) the "Don't Fall for the Snakeoil" thread. I wrote more from the sales scheme and claims angle.

Anyway, without rehashing all that garbage again, I would advise to talk to people that use it and your doctors, NOT repeat NOT a salesman of the product.

'nough said on my part...

Good luck to you and keep asking questions!
In answer to Jbirds questions about glyconutrients. I'm currently on a aggressive program with them. So far I'm feeling very good. I have Bulbar ALS and have had my speech and swallowing affected. I was experiencing aching and pain in my left leg, as soon as I started on this program that all went away. It is too soon to say, but I feel very good about this program. I have done research into this and I feel very confident in the company I am purchasing my meds from.

Linda E
Hi linda. jbird hasn't posted since 2006. Either he's dead or incapacitated. I don't think the glyconutrients helped him.

I checked, Jay passed away Dec.18,2005. May he rest in piece.

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