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  • I am trying to find some info for an older jazzy chair my father in law has. it powers down only after a short time. I was wondering if the battery charger has a short or what? Its wierd when I lose power I plug it in and it immedietly comes on but only goes for a ;little bit. Do you think I could have a bad charger?Thanks
    Mike, as we were driving home to Hinton I thought "Damn, I never got to meet Mike". It was a great day, beautiful weather, lots of people, just a fabulous time! I wish we had met, but there is always next year. Take care
    Holy crap! Great to hear from you. When you don't hear from someone in a while you think the worst. I guess the vitamins are doing the job. Great to have you back.
    hi mike a would love to add you on my friends list .i heard from barry you know alot abou supplements ect.i have some questions to ask you and i hope your having a good day jeffp
    hi mike i read the supplements you take. my name is jeffp i was dx aug 09. I am currently taking the following:D-3 1000 IU x2, Centrum Silver Mulivitamin x1 daily,Zinc 50mg 1 a day,Vitamin B12 5000 1 daily,Fish Oil 1000mg x2 twice a day,Lexapro 10 mg x1 daily for depression, Baclofen 10 mg x1.5 am, 1/2 noon, & 1 evening,Lisinopril 20 x1 daily for high blood pressure Rilutek 50 mg 1 am and 1 pm
    Valium 10mg 1/2 am, 1 evening, 2 bedtime for spacisty and sleep, Ultram 50mg 2 am, 1,5 evening for pain in joints. I guess I am asking what would you suggest I speak with my neurologist about. I am at the point where I am not sure which direction to turn. I have just started taking whey protein which has no glutemine and been taking 5 mg of creatine daily. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. JeffP
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