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  • So very sorry to learn of this loss. My condolences to Richard's family.
    Just wanted to come over and let you know how much we all miss you my friend. Hope you're playing golf or something up there with Barry.
    Richard and I shared a love for The Black Keys. I sure hope Amelia ends up with her Daddys great taste in music. I already know she we be even more amazing of a person than Richard was...
    Im deeply sorry for your loss, Richelle and Amelia- more than you will ever know.
    I hope you find some peace in knowing what Richard has done here. How many lives he touched. Im honored to have known him.
    Dear RIchelle and Amelia, you understand more than anyone how special Richard was. I am so very sorry, he has gone. You both were the lights his life, and he will live on in your hearts.
    Dearest Richelle and Amelia. We loved Richard. He was such a unique, warm, witty fellow. I can't even begin to imagine how you all must feel without him. I cry every time I think of him not being here. He was one of the truly good people. He just radiated that. Thinking of you and sending love.
    Darn right! I think theyre coming to WI soon. Gona have to see them if I can.
    I am glad that you deleted my post. I apologize to all the people who got upset over it. It was insensitive and stupid for me to post it. I have really had a hard time with my wife's ALS. I have been very selfish and only considered me in it. I have asked for forgiveness from her and now I ask it of all those who were upset.
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