tounge atrophy

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Jan 14, 2007
does anyone know if tounge atrophy starts on the top are on he side of the toungs is clearly sunken in on the side just cant tell if its a bite are also chokeing on liquids now.and also is there anything else that would cause tounge attrophy.
I'm not sure about tongue atrophy.. I do know that my mum's tongue pulls to one side more than the other. She also chokes on liquids. She was advised to take a small sip through a straw, then to tuck her chin down toward her chest and then swallow the liquid. It has really helped her with the choking issue. It forces her to concentrate on what she is doing, and by tucking her chin in, it forces the liquid to go down, instead of all over the place.
thanks for the info paula i just saw an als doc 3 weks ago and he said no als,now im chokeing on liquids and i was talking to my friend and my jaw jerked shut and now it hurts im thinking i need to call them back.this is happening so fast now.
Hi my friend, I have very severe tongue atrophy, so hard to speak, eat, etc. my symtoms started out as slurred speach, which I ignored for a year, now my symptoms are coming on very fast now, good luck to you
hi marilyn mine started 4 months ago with the speech not slurred but garbled but i just saw the head neruo at the atlanta als clinic who assured me that i didnt have als.
Toungue Atrophy


I am new to this group as of today. My toungue atrophy started at the end. Now I cannot even extend my toungue past my teeth. It is a very weird problem indeed.

I have problems opening my mouth as well. Dentist cannot pull a broken tooth because of this. It is very difficult for them to clean my teeth. I have found only 1 hygienist that will take the time to work with me.

Don't know if this is common, but my jaws, mouth and face have a sensation of feeling tired and to the point of being very uncomfortable.

I am on a peg, trach, vent. pwc.

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Welcome Dan. Glad you finally found us. Do you have limb issues as well or just bulbar?
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Welcome, Dan. I am also glad you found us. How are you doing these days? Cindy
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