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May 22, 2008
Is tiredness a common symptom of ALS? I don't have so much fatigue that I can't get through my day, but have been able to do less and less before needing a rest, especially if it was a hectic day at work.
Fatigue has been a real problem for me. At times it seems to come over me all at once and can just be overwhelming. I've heard it both ways as far as whether MND does this, but it seems many others have it too. One common cause is autoimmune disease, which at first my doctors thought I had (and maybe do have too). If you haven't been screened for these type conditions, it would be a good avenue to go down. Rheumatology is another one of those specialty areas where often times there are no clear cut answers, but I'm sure it would be a relief to you to find a cause for what you're experiencing. take care, :smile:
It is true that everyone's ALS is somewhat unique. I have tons of "excess" energy. When someone asks me how I feel, I say "great, just this ALS thing keeps getting in the way".
Thanks guys. I- like everyone else just want them to find out WHAT is going on with me. My swallow study was relatively normal- some slight sticking in the esophogus. But my thumb weakness is driving me bonanza, and as vain as it sounds- looking at it about disgusts me. When I grab something the thumb does this weird deformity thing, before it was just hard to open packages, etc. Now it also looks icky. Thanks for your reponses though. I appreciate it alot and pray for all the PALS and Caregivers daily.

P.S. I was tested for RA, they did an ANA?CBC and they did a TSH and others. When I go back to neuro in July I will mention endocrinine and hormone disorders.
Thanks again~

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