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  • PDAddy, hope you can help, my mother may have als, she has lost the use of her right arm, troulble walking, and her speech is getting bad, but she had the EMG to her tounge and it was negative and her lungs are fine aslo. What do you think. do you think a neg. emg to the tounge would mean no ALS ..
    Just checking on you. Pat was such a good guy. I hate ALS, I hate ALS, I hate ALS... Hope you and your family are doing as good as can be expected.
    how are you doing? I think of you often. I wanted to let you know that you are the one who gave me the H4C tag on my screen name. I loved it and decided to use it. How is your wife? You seem like such a wonderful and close couple.
    Just dropping by to check on yall. I hope this finds you well. I miss you all, just to hard. Know that I am praying for everyone and a damn cure for this horrible disease.
    Pat, I miss seeing you around. How are you? BTW, still haven't figured out Facebook, but its nice to know we're double friends (here and there) :)
    Hello friend. I wanted to stop in and say hello. Hope this not find's you as well as can be.. Your sense of humor is always well....
    P you are going to do this.....it's hard I can only imagine but YOU are MUCH BIGGER than this thing, your humor,your disposition and your support will take you through with flying colors. You have all my admiration and prayers.
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