social security

  1. M

    If it isnt 1 thing its frustrated

    so it isnt enough that my mom has a terminal illness just a mere 4 months after my grandmother passed away. We cant seem to get any help at all and I am feeling more and more that we are not in the right place or looking in the right places for answers... Mom spent the past 14 years caring for...
  2. swalker

    I don't know whether to feel sad or glad

    I received a letter from the social security folks today saying I was approved for disability. I submitted the initial paperwork 27 days ago. While I am pleased as punch to have made it through the process, it is really distressing to be deemed disabled enough and to have poor enough prospects...
  3. N

    Threat to our social security disability

    Might as well start making them feel the heat early. The GOP’s immediate target is Social Security’s sprawling disability insurance program, which has grown at a pace far beyond its revenues and will exhaust its trust fund reserves by December 2016, threatening a 19 percent cut in benefits...
  4. T

    Zero Balance?

    Hi all! I went through some older threads looking for comments about balance (or lack there of) issues. It appeared most balance problems were more minor than mine and most were ALS related. As of yet, I've been diagnosed with PLS. However, I have lost my balance COMPLETELY. I mean I have...
  5. T

    Probable ALS and SSDI

    Hi everyone, Long time reader, first time poster. I am grateful for all the fantastic information I have learned here along my meandering journey. I got a probable ALS diagnosis in May at the age of 33 and another EMG in August confirming my probable status. I went from full-time to 30 hrs/wk...
  6. tripete

    New - Social Security Disability

    I just received my diagnosis of ALS on Tuesday December 2 2014. I am 48 years old and am currently able to continue to work but am concerned about the future. I have read that you should sign up for Social Security Disability ASAP. And that it takes five months to get approved. What is the...
  7. A

    Resource Applying for social security disability

    This document is based on the recent experience of two PALS when applying for SSDI. How to apply for Social Security Disability Benefits (SSDI) Disclaimer: This document is based on several PALS current experiences. Since government programs change frequently, you will need to check with...
  8. Y

    Long Term Disability issue..

    Hi ALS forums. Hopefully I am posting this thread in a right forum.. In December 2013 my mom started receiving $1085 - a which is 50% of her income she was receiving before disability. In October 2013, she also started receiving her retirement Social Security benefit of $586. Her total income...
  9. N

    Just denied social security benefits+

    we;; the government ****ed it up again. I applied for SSDI under the compassionate care provision for LS which is supposed to be approved and they den ied me SSI benefits because my spouse makes too much income!
  10. S

    On Saturday I was denied SSI w/Medicaid

    I thought ALS was a sure way to get into Social Security. But after 66 days I was denied because I didn't call for an interview. I got rid of my phone when I discovered I was never going to talk anymore. They never emailed me. When are SSI people going to realize that ALS people can't do...