social security

  1. B

    social security

    i am curently still able to work but i know that perety soon i will be unable to i am going to have to go on disability and am trying to get a time frame on how long it has taken others between when i canot work and when i will get finacial & medical help has any body ben through this. i also...
  2. R

    Need Advice

    I have been through a rough time the last 2 years. I became very fatigued right after a move to our new home and soon developed tripping while walking and a tremor in my right hand. I was diagnosed with Parkinson's a few months later. The medication the docs put me on kept getting stronger and...
  3. sara06

    Medicare AHHHHH!

    Okay guys... I need some serious help. First off, when my mom and I were trying to figure out all of her doctor bills and we were on the phone setting up payment plans, a lady at one of the offices told my mother to pay only what she could afford because when she died my dad would not be...
  4. P

    Need Help: "getting your affairs in order" (what does that mean?)

    Hello. I am asking this for a friend. Recently diagnoised with ALS and the doc at the ALS Clinic told the couple that they needed to "get their affairs in order". Of course we know that that means a will, financial arrangements, etc... But, they are at a loss right now as to where to start...
  5. B

    Decision about SSDI

    I was recently diagnosed with ALS last month on July 10, 2006 with hand and arm onset. I would like some thoughts and opinions about how long I should continue to work full time before applying for social security disability. I work in a public health dept as a program manager for HIV AIDS...
  6. T

    electric wheelchair

    I sure could use your advice. We do not have a ALS Society or a MDA clinic nearby us. Therefore, we don't have anywhere to borrow equipment. Social Security, here in the good 'ol' USA, only helps pay for an electric wheelchair every five years. That means we need to make as wise a decision...