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  • Hi Pete...Ive been thinking about you and I'm hoping that your getting along ok. Miss hearing from you on the forum. Hugs to you and Carey.
    Pete, Was so happy to see you checked in on the 27th. I think about you and Carey often and hope your doing as well as can be expected when fighting this ugly beast. Hugs to you both.
    hi Pete, the Alka seltzer, did you have mucus that was generated in your mouth or snot rolling down the back of your throat? I have the snot. :)
    Hi Pete, I can't believe I just saw this. I always think of you whenever I visit the board. I hope you are still doing okay despite everything.
    Bill, Thanks again for the Lunasin. It is hard to tell if it is helping, but it got me started and my wife decided she wants me to keep going with it so it was helpful for us to make the decision. I will post on how my V.Alert goes please do the same.
    Pete, thanks for the recommendation for the V.ALRT. I ordered one. I found of all the suggestions that this one was the smallest and easiest to attach to your body. Hope you're comfortable and that you're having some success with the Lunasin. Thanks again. Bill
    Excellent!! I hope all the healing properties of Lunasin come your way. Please let me know how it goes.
    Bill, I did receive it. THANK YOU very much. This will really help me to figure out if I want to try to keep buying the regiment.
    Pete, just wondering if the Lunasin package made it to you. I included the containers that I had already opened, because I couldn't see wasting it. Bill Dukstein
    No I consider the EMG to be the "Gold Standard" of test. As I had respiratory onset, which is rare, they where surprised when they did the EMG to see immediately that it was ALS (I had already had all the blood work done that eliminated other possibilities). I am not familiar with anyone who has had muscle weakness then has a clean EMG and it turn out to be ALS.
    I write you this message in hopes you can give me some perspective. I see by your recent post that it took a long time for you to get a diagnosis. I have had 4 EMG's with all doctors telling me it is not ALS. I was a BIG time athlete and I can no longer run. My legs ache/burn/twitch/feel stiff and have been downright awful for close to a year now. My right hand is losing its function and my breathing is brutal. So far, all these neuros say no and are stumped. What I am wondering...did they all say NO to ALS for you for a long time? Did you have a bunch of 'normal' EMG's? I hope you can reply. My heart and prayers go out to you.
    Pete, thank you for the reply. Me too. And I'm glad to see you still here... worried about you when you took so much time away. You're in my prayers.
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