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  • chally I thought you had feeding tube ll keep hydration by starting day with sixteen ounce water. This is repeated three times. We just put in food bag on slow drip. When I get dehydrated I feel awful!
    Thanks Kay, I seem to have gone down hill pretty fast here lately.

    How do you stay hydrated? Not easy with difficult swallowing,water thickener sucks!

    Been doing mj for a while and it helps, started atavan recently

    Not sleeping is rough

    Again thanks. Love ya
    Hey Kay, here of late I have gone into a tailspin. Would you mind if I asked you a few questions
    Do you use a feeding tube ? If so what kind of formula? I am not tolerating ensure type very well

    Thinking about using baby’s food thinned down. Do you use water thickener?

    I have a morning aide for a few hours, wanting to get a more full time helper day and night as this nightmare is wearing both my wife and I down

    How much do you have to pay your aide? Does Medicare or va help out?

    My swallowing and breathing have gone down big time.

    I can’t get comfortable ever. Going to ask Laurie about changing trilogy settings. Set now at 4/12

    Answer at your convenience and I Hope you are doing as best as you can today.

    Thanks. Love ya. Chally
    Hopefully not much longer and you can get back in the pool? You had some koala activity in your tree too. I think of you every single day when I am out koala spotting xxx
    Thankyou for welcoming me. I am still getting used to this site as I'm not used to posting. But I will try my best lol xxx
    Didn't want to hijack the bathroom remodel thread so I thought I would post here.


    I know it's still a commode chair but provides bidet function that can be used anywhere. Seems like an improvement.
    I am a bit worried now that I have mucked up our bathroom remodel so this may be our backup plan.

    Wendy x
    hi, i'm new to the forum...could you please give me the contact info for the person i can get the lunasin products from? we are anxious to give it a try. thank you!
    I hope you are well,

    How is the lunasin going for you?

    I do not know if it's related by my constant twitching has slowed almost completely.

    I bought Reese's peanut butter cup ice cream as a mixer works quite well. It is still some nasty stuff .
    Ok I started the lunasin today. It's not great but it is tolerable. I feel fine no upset stomach so that is something.
    I received my shipment today. I am starting tomorrow. My supplier Cayla, gives als patients a discount. I mentioned to her all of the reports that people are not tolerating it well and bad taste. She told me specific dosage to ease into it and she is willing to help with suggestions.

    Cayla Collins
    Reliv Independent Business Owner

    I hope this helps.
    Hello Kay,
    Thanks for messaging me. I was born in Springfield and only lived there until I was about 10months old. But...in a very cool coincidence, I then moved to Arizona! I grew up there my whole life until I moved to Ca with my husband 9years ago. I see that you're in Tucson. I was raised in Glendale most of my childhood then lived in Phoenix as a young adult. I'm sorry we are meeting under these circumstances, but I'm happy to be amount people who understand what my family is going through. Talk soon,
    I looked you up. You have an impressive team! I am just bringing an informal team grot support. I don't know how to go about the donation process etc.
    On another note, this weather has done a number to my legs. Hurting quite a bit! Does that happen to you?
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