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  • tb, have u been in contact with als of michigan? they r separate from alsa. i dont where u r physically, but als of mich facilitates the 'freedom lift'. it is a free ceiling lift, for as long as u need it, sponsored by the Free Masons. available only in michigan. call them and ask about it.
    G'day TB! You are back! I hope your trip was awesome and you enjoyed spending time with your daughter.
    J x
    Hey TB, yes thank you so much for sending her my details, I really appreciate your help.
    I haven't heard from her yet; when I finish here I will send her an email to introduce myself, that would be the polite thing to do. I will let you know how it goes via email.
    Thanks again,
    J x
    TB! G'day! I thought you must be in deepest, darkest Michigan (?) ...tractoring!
    My physio hasn't dumped me as such, she's going to "touch base" every few months to see how I am...dumped.
    I get it, they really don't know what they are dealing with, but...
    Yes, to be in touch with your physio would be great!
    My email is [email protected] If you could pass that on to her I would really appreciate it.
    I will probably liaise with her direct, just a few exercises would be awesome.
    Thanks heaps TB, hope the sun is shining in your world today!
    God bless, Janelle x
    Hi TB.
    Physio this week to be 're-assessed'...my least favourite word at the mo.....
    My hand is pretty much fist like most of the time. I remember a post saying your physio is trained in all this...do you have any tips to pass on to my physio for hand exercises?
    Thanks! Janelle x
    >Kevin, I have PLS. Since I'm in a PWC 100% now, I smoke twice as much than I ever have. I know I'm killing myself doing so but I really don't care.

    TB I have just read this post!
    I care!!! No one has made me laugh as much as you since I joined this forum. Just slow down on the fags long enough so when Wayne and I hit Canada in a few years we can visit you! Keep smoking by all means (I'm not your mother!), but cut back just a little....
    God bless,Janelle x
    D'oH! I hate when that happens!! Now how am I going to get my questions answered!!?? How do I send you my private email that won't be readable in this forum? Then you can answer away ad nauseam. :)
    TB, the time is now. Would be so happy to have you share. We have just started to look at used vans and are recovering from sticker shock. The little I know, the side entry seems to be the way to go? Braun conversion? Recommendations about where to buy?
    More questions about wheelchairs: Do you have seat height adjustment? Do you think its worth the money? We have w-w carpeting. Do you think the chair will chew up the carpet/pad over time? Can the chair turn on the throw rugs we have in the bathroom, or do those all have to come up?
    Deb, don't know if my last message stuck or not. When you're ready to start looking for a mobility van, I have some pointers for ya! TB
    TB, thanks for the tip regarding the tilt feature on a wheelchair. It would have never occurred to me that there would be issues going up/down a ramp without it. The voice of experience! Thanks for sharing!
    You mentioned Brian at UoM? My technician was Bill.

    Deb, my wheel chair appt was with a phys therapist and a technician. Pretty straight forward. If concerned, just fall down...lol! Good luck! T
    No prob, TB. Just wondered if your wheelchair seating appt was straight forward. My appt is 5/5 with Dr. Wheaton. Did you have to do/say anything to prove your case? - defend your need.

    Tractor Boy, I sent you a friend request. I'd like to discuss your UoM experience off-line, if I could.

    Hi there. I've just joined this group and am trying to find my way around. I am also interested in GM604 and have been joining Nicholas Grillo in his campaign for early approval by the FDA of this drug. I have lots of links and info on @jennyinfrance on twitter but the main campaign page is on fb gm604forals. I am trying to spread the word and get all PALS to sign the petition. We have over 140,000 signatures so far!!
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